It’s time to say goodbye to mindless scrolling

It is a known and acquired fact that the majority of the population spends more time exercising their thumb in the feed than doing any other type of physical exercise. In fact, there is a high probability that this article appeared precisely at a time of mindless scrolling – the name used to refer to the time we spend with our eyes on the screen without being aware of the purpose of our action.

For many, 2022 brings with it the resolution to spend fewer hours on the mobile phone, on social networks, or simply use this time more thoughtfully. May we be able to break down our path each time we unlock the phone “just to check the time” and end up, by accident, in the 23rd TikTok video of cats falling. It is not because it is a growing trend that the mindless scrolling it is no longer harmful. There is a world beyond the screen and today we are going to learn to discover it.

Set a screen time limit

No objective is achieved if it does not have a well-defined purpose. “I want to reduce my screen time”, but for how much? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 3 hours? Each one will know the goal that best suits their lifestyle and all these factors should be considered when setting a limit on the time spent on screen.

Once this is defined, it will be easier to apply it. Today, a large number of mobile phones carry alarms capable of notifying the user whenever they reach the previously defined number of hours – and this can be for the total screen time or for a specific application. You may also try to self-control your time, but this method tends not to be as effective.

Find tasks that mark the beginning and end of screen time

One of the biggest enemies of those looking to avoid the mindless scrolling it is time spent in bed without sleeping. We wake up and the first thing we do is grab the cell phone. When we go to bed, we watch videos “to fall asleep” and end up losing track of time.

If these cases are familiar to you, you may find certain tasks in your routine that will help you mark a beginning and an end to screen time. For example, “I can’t hold my cell phone until I’ve had breakfast”, or “I have to put down my cell phone after brushing my teeth at night”. Whatever the task, it only matters that it be repeated every day.

Remove (physically) the mobile phone from the user

For those whose work does not fall on the cell phone or for tasks that, in the same way, do not benefit at all from the presence of this device, there is no better remedy than simply placing the cell phone in another room. You’ll find that you don’t even remember him, at least until the cried of notifications.

arrange hobbies screen-free

Play games, watch series or movies, it’s all hobbies valid unless the goal is to reduce screen time. Anyone who spends the whole day working on their computer and comes home to spend the rest of their hours watching Netflix will be spending most of their time looking at a screen (larger or smaller, but always a screen).

And yes, it’s evolution, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose the hobbies that do not need to be connected to the mains. Reading, playing board games, getting out of the house and walking outside the four walls that have been our world for the past two years… At this point, imagination is really the real limit.