Iza sensualizes in video only in her bathrobe and breasts almost escape

The singer Behind, 31, drew attention on her social networks. The muse shared in her Instagram stories, a video in which she appears sensual only in her robe and almost shows her breasts.

Singer Iza appears sensualizing in a bathrobe (Reproduction/Instagram)

dream of having children in the future

It is worth remembering that recently the singer Iza participated in the program It’s from Home, from TV Globo, and said that he has a dream of having children in the future. At the time, the artist said that she likes a house full of people: “I always wanted a full house, I have many cousins ​​but I am an only child and I like a lot of people at home. We have plans, but we are still waiting,” she said, who then told about her hobbies during the pandemic.

In the sequence, the famous revealed what she most liked to do at home during the time she was without shows because of Covid-19: “I’ve always liked miniatures, since I was little. During the pandemic I got bored and went back to making biscuit to distract myself. These crafts help us to focus on them and relax. It helped as an escape valve,” she said.

Finally, Iza talked about the song Ghetto, in which he honored the Olaria neighborhood, where he grew up: “It was a way of honoring a place that made me very happy, it’s a place where a lot of creative people come from, I like to say that the most beautiful things we have in this country came from the ghettos, suburbs and peripheries,” she declared.

Passion for fashion

Not long ago, Iza gave an interview to Jornal O Globo and spoke about her passion for the fashion world. At the time, the artist said that for a moment she thought about taking a degree in fashion:

“I always liked fashion a lot, it was even one of the colleges I thought of going to. Clothes sing for me when I’m not singing. I know they are a way to communicate, to feel safe, after all they are my allies. I think it’s cool that people pay attention to that. And I understand the impact this has on the lives of girls who are inspired by me and my work. Fashion has no rules, no right and wrong, no right color. I’m a street person, I like to combine street with glamour”, she said.