Japanese men are more interested in women with otaku hobbies

© Wotakoi

The portal Woman Excite no Japan published an article titled “How to answer the question: What do you like to do? of a way that attracts men”, where it was found that most Japanese men have certain inclinations towards women with certain hobbies.

“When a man asks you, ‘What are your hobbies?’, do you respond with things like yoga, traveling and cooking? However, when we (the site’s editorial department) conducted a survey to find the most popular answers, we were surprised. So this time around, we’d like to present the hobbies that men find interesting and that they take on with a ‘This Woman Is Interesting’ attitude, based on current opinions.

What kinds of hobbies do men find attractive in women? The answer is three very relevant things: manga, video games and idols. It may come as a surprise, but men are more interested in women with otaku hobbies like manga, video games and idols than women with a bent on beauty or sports.

There are many people who are fans of manga and games, who have been stigmatized by Japanese society as ‘otaku pastimes’. It is important then, in the current era, that people abandon this stigma, and it is being shown that men do not mind women with these tastes, yes, they prefer them. Nothing better than talking to someone who has the same tastes as you! However, manga, video games and idols are quite diverse topics, and matching the same gender or demographic tastes can be an adventure.

Going deeper, the most popular women among the men surveyed include those interested in online board games, manga and video games, not those interested in activities like yoga or cooking. In other words, men seem to be interested in long-lasting and ‘partner-friendly’ activities.