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Turkish actor Kerem Bursin, considered one of the most sought-after gallants of Ottoman productions and who starred in the telenovela “Love Is in the Air”, He has always been seen as a serious, attractive and mature man; However, what nobody knew is that the couple of Hande Ercel He is a huge fan of the legendary Star Wars saga. But that’s not all, well, he also enjoys spending several hours putting together different figures with Lego.

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Kerem Bursin met fame when he played Serkan Bolat in the soap opera “Love Is in the Air”, (“You Knock My Door”, In its original language), a production in which he worked with his current girlfriend Hande Ercel who embodies Eda Yildiz.

The drama was a success in his country -Turkey- and due to its great acceptance it could also be seen in countries like Spain and in some of Latin America.

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Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel fell in love during the Love Is in the Air recordings. (Photo: MF Yapım)

Nowadays, Kerem Bursin Y Hande Ercel They have been recovering after they were infected with coronavirus in early January 2022, a fact that worried their thousands of fans, but luckily the actors managed to defeat COVID-19.


As complicated as it may be to build a large spaceship of Star Wars, only with several pieces of Lego, this is not inconvenient for the actor Kerem Bursin who showed that for him that is not a problem, no matter how long it takes.

In a video you can see that the protagonist of “Love Is in the Air”His hobby is to build large figures using Lego pieces and this time he did it with a Darth Vader ship, referring to one of his favorite movies, Star Wars.

The actor himself used his Instagram account to demonstrate how the assembly process of the great spaceship of Star Wars for which he had to use the 4,784 Lego pieces. This is part of his special collection dedicated to the science fiction saga.


The famous video of Kerem Bursin It did not go unnoticed and there were thousands of comments that the actor received in his publication. What caught my attention was his girlfriend’s comment, Hande Ercel, who was the first to write something.

The actress only placed an emoticon of the head of a robot and another referring to a ghost. This caused great emotion among his fans who, in addition to liking the publication, also did so with the comment of the remembered one. Eda Yildiz.

The video has more than a million “likes” and 15 thousand comments.

Hande Erçel commented on the video of her boyfriend Kerem Bürsin. (Photo: screenshot)
Hande Erçel commented on the video of her boyfriend Kerem Bürsin. (Photo: screenshot)


Kerem Bursin was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 4, 1987; that is, he is currently 33 years old.

From a very young age he was attracted to the world of acting, to the point of becoming his greatest passion. In fact, he was voted best stage actor in a high school competition in the United States.

Bürsin has lived in several countries, including Scotland, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, and the United States. In fact, in 1999, when he was 12 years old, he moved with his family to North America.

Bürsin studied Marketing to please her parents. They asked him to have a plan B in case his acting career did not prosper, and while he enjoyed his profession, it was not his thing.

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Kerem Bürsin is one of the most recognized actors in various countries of the world. (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)
Kerem Bürsin is one of the most recognized actors in various countries of the world. (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)