Lowcost Cosplay knows how to accentuate InuYasha’s ‘animal side’

The ingenuity of Lowcost Cosplay stands out again with its ‘pussy’ version of InuYasha, which highlights its more ‘animal’ side.

InuYasha became one of the most popular manga in the late 1990s, so much so that it earned its own anime series in 2000.

Written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi (Takahashi Rumiko), history bridges the gap between feudal Japan and today.

Kagome Higurashi (Higurashi Kagome) is a 15-year-old girl who lives in a Shinto shrine, where she discovers a well that takes her back centuries.

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In feudal Japan he will meet InuYasha, a young hanyō, half human and half demon, whom he will accompany on an odyssey that will transcend time.

InuYasha’s original manga story ended in 2000, while the anime did the same in 2004.

However, the adventures of the world of InuYasha continue to this day thanks to Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Hanyo no Yashahime).

Well, we are already in the situation, now we go with the latest craze of Lowcost Cosplay, who has once again turned to his long-suffering cats to become a character.

His white ‘michi’ is the perfect complement to act as InuYasha’s hair and ears. A kimono, pendant, and some face paint complete this inexpensive and hilarious cosplay.

Lowcost Cosplay cats are gaining popularity thanks to the conversions of this quirky cosplayer.

Whether he uses them to become Batman or Cruella DeVil, this cosplayer’s cats always do the job.

We also saw him turn his black cat into Get rid of it, the Night Fury protagonist of the film How to Train Your Dragon.

Lowcost Cosplay is now ready to travel to feudal Japan and unravel InuYasha’s family dramas, while also discovering his feelings for Kagome. Everything will be that he orders him to sit all the time, with the consequent crash against the ground.