Luiza Fiorese with improvised training and hobbies amidst the coronavirus

Luiza takes advantage of routine without training with hobbies to keep her mind active (Photo: Alê Cabral/CPB)

The routine of a high-performance athlete requires a series of sacrifices on a daily basis. With little free time due to the high load of activities, athletes end up needing to put aside a series of desires and hobbies. However, with the world living a period of forty due to coronavirus pandemic, many athletes can start to live a life with more free time for new activities.

With Luiza Fiorese this reality was no different. Athlete of the Brazilian seated volleyball team, Luiza has always cultivated the dream of learning to play the guitar. She took advantage of the fact that she had to stay at home and started an online course to learn to play the instrument.

“I’ve had this guitar for 10 years and I’ve always wanted to really learn it. My whole family has a strong connection to music. Now, with this time, I was finally able to try to focus a little on that desire”, revealed the young athlete.


After beating an osteosarcoma in her left femur, which made her need to replace part of her leg bones with an endoprosthesis, Luiza ended up approaching the modality just a year ago. Thus, Espírito Santo revealed that it has been using its free time to learn even more about the history and rules of seated volleyball.

“These hobbies help us to stay active. We athletes have a routine where we are always doing something. We are not used to this rhythm without a lot of activities. So these hobbies help keep your mind busy. We have little time and now we can take advantage of that extra time with things that we normally end up not getting”, he said.

Despite this positive side, reality has been quite hard on all athletes at the moment. With a series of events canceled and training centers closed, many athletes are struggling to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which for the time being remain confirmed.

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“I’m training at home with what I can improvise. I only have a training band. I am using a 5 liter gallon of water as a weight for some exercises, in addition to my own body weight in some cases. That way I’m managing to at least keep the physical part at a good level, but the technical part I can’t train, since I don’t have access to the ball and that makes it very difficult”, he declared.

In the case of Luiza Fiorese, the period without training ends up being even more harmful. That’s because the player started in the sport recently and is still confirming herself as an important part of the female squad of the Brazilian seated volleyball team.

“For me it’s still a little worse, as my place in the team is not guaranteed yet. As I actually started training at the beginning of this year and I realize that my evolution takes place every day. Missing this training period is an absurd lack in my case. Mainly because it is a team sport, in which team integration is essential. But I don’t put all this ahead of our health, as this is a delicate moment and everyone needs to help each other”.

Impaired preparation

All this difficulty becomes even more evident when you take into account that the Paralympic Games are scheduled to start in a few months. That’s because the IOC positioned confirming the achievement Olympics and Paralympics without changes in planning. Luiza does not hide her dissatisfaction regarding the entity’s position, but believes that this decision will be revised.

“I don’t agree with keeping the date. I sincerely believe they are likely to re-evaluate this idea as there will hardly be time for classifieds to be defined. I believe the pandemic will be under control by then, but the athletes’ preparation is already being shaken. In the case of sitting volleyball, for example, four girls in the group and I do not yet have the international classification, which is a requirement for the Games and is only released after participating in an international competition. In our case, it would be the World Cup, which would be in April and it was cancelled”, he added.