Mari Saad is back on YouTube

One of the most outspoken beauty experts on the internet, Mari Saad is getting ready to return to YouTube. About to launch her own brand, the influencer explains the period of withdrawal: “In a year of pandemic in which everything took a different speed, I felt it would be more organic to step back and observe the changes that took place, to adapt my content for you. On YouTube, I want to bring the public closer, so that it becomes an extension of my home”.

The first video of the channel’s new season will be released this Thursday (10/07), at 8:15 pm. The content proposal is diverse and comprehensive, in addition to Mari Saad’s flagship, which are the makeup tutorial videos, she will also interview friends, share a little routine in lifestyle content and intend to talk about work, hobbies and others projects.


Mari starts the new phase by taking the audience inside her house, literally! In the videos, fans of the influencer will be able to follow her process of moving to her new home.

Starting on October 22, another novelty: in daily videos, Mari will dive deep into beauty trends. And it promises to do everything with whimsy, refinement and good taste.

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