Matthew Vaughn confirms that Kingsman 3 will begin filming in fall 2022

Matthew Vaughn is already planning on filming the third part of the Kingsman trilogy, which will begin filming in 2022.

The next December 22th The King’s Man: The First Mission, the prequel to the saga of Kingsman which debuted in 2014.

This look back in time will narrate the origins of Britain’s most elegant private intelligence agency, through the experiences of the duque of oxford (Ralph Fiennes).

However, that also implies that we will not see Eggsy (Taron Egerton) nor to Harry (Colin Firth) in an adrenaline-fueled and stylish new adventure against a villain with an excess of personality.

But Matthew Vaughn knows that fans want to see the tandem on screen again, and already has plans for the start of production of Kingsman 3.

Speaking to Comicbook, Vaughn has confirmed that the filming of Kingsman 3 will begin in September 2022.

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The director has also said that the film will feature Eggsy, and that it will be the conclusion of its story, although he has not said if other recurring characters will appear as well.

Kingsman: Secret Service served as an introduction to the Kingsman universe, with Eggsy being recruited by Harry into the organization.

Its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, showed Eggsy as a fully formed agent and facing a major world crisis again.

Some anticipate that Kingsman 3 could end with the death of the character after passing the baton to a new agent, honoring Harry’s words that “a gentleman only appears three times in the newspapers: when he is born, when he marries and when he dies.”

In any case, before we think about the future of Eggsy and Kingsman, the most imminent stop is The King’s Man: The first mission.

In fact, in a few hours you will have our review of the Kingsman prequel on the web, to whet your appetite.