By Jochen Pohlink

Plauen // Fröbersgrün But even after the late delivery of the cups, mulled wine will not be served at the Christmas market this year either. It will not be communicated until later when and where the cup will be available.
Grandma Ute applauded her granddaughter with appreciative applause: “In her free time she can often be found drawing and, above all, tinkering with all sorts of things and it is a great success to hit the mark with this idea for the Christmas cup.” The meanwhile 13-year-old Maxi took part in last year’s competition to design the traditional cup after being encouraged by her mother Barbara: “I spend a lot of free time together with my schoolmate Lea, who lives just a few houses away. Actually, a squirrel also played An alternative for the design of the mug played a role in the considerations, but then I opted for the two hedgehogs, which look funnier. “
Maxi’s dad Sascha is just as enthusiastic about the success and summarizes his joy with “phenomenal”. Of the 19 drafts that were received for the design, twelve were selected by a jury and voted on. Of the 699 votes cast, most of them were for the design by the Fröbersgrün student.
Mayor Kerstin Wolf and the representative of city tourism marketing, Katja Eberhard, could only publicly honor the winner’s cup with a present on the empty old market in front of the backdrop of the old town hall. Maxi deliberately did not take part in this year’s competition in order to give other designs for the 2022 cup a chance, as she says. Michel Grünitz has already submitted his proposal from the town. The choice of the motif for the mulled wine cup 2022 starts today! Participation is very easy at
In addition to her musical hobbies, Maxi is active in the Plauen swimming club and regularly takes part in the services of the local youth fire brigade. In the Peace School, the now thirteen-year-old is most enthusiastic about sports and art and, after graduating from school, would like to embark on a professional career with a creative activity.