Minecraft: How Caves & Cliffs Part II Will Affect Previous Maps

These are all the changes that you will find as soon as you update to the new version of Minecraft, and we explain how they will affect you.

After months of waiting, we already have the expected one available Caves and cliffs update part 2 that offers a substantial change in the appearance of the world, giving it greater height and depth, which will allow us to explore much larger areas.

Undoubtedly, the arrival of part 2 of Caves and Cliffs for Minecraft represents a challenge for the development team but also for the players themselves, who are worried about what the worlds they have been working on will look like right now last years.

That is why we have created this article to tell you exactly How Part 2 of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Will Affect to the maps you have previously created.

Minecraft: How Caves and Cliffs II Will Affect Previous Maps

Although the first part of Caves and Cliffs for Minecraft brought a multitude of additions, especially enemies, now it is a little more focused on the design under different heights both for the upper part directed to the mountains, and also to the underground part directed to the caves.

Luckily the development team has uploaded a recent video to their YouTube channel where they explain the main changes in this new update and how they will affect current players.

The video is quite interesting and we recommend that you watch it, but basically they explain and answer a series of basic questions that you are sure to want to know.

One of the questions talks about the terrain and the Minecraft biome system. They claim that since the level of the scenario has been altered in this second part, some players may be concerned that this may affect their current maps.


According to the game designer Henrik Kniberg, users will continue to keep their current worlds but will notice the changes once they explore beyond their discovered regions.

This means that once you have the update, and discover new areas in any of the directions, it is where you will see the main changes.

The location of minerals which is related to the height of the game world in general has also been discussed.

Obviously since this update expands the height both up and down, the theme of minerals such as coal or iron will be placed in proportion to the new dimensions of the game.

That is why the development team invites you to experiment during these first days of availability of part 2 so that you can adapt to the disposition of minerals and also to the creation of the world, since now there are much more regions. complicated and realistic to explore, and you are sure to love it.

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