Minecraft: how to find lush caves in 1.18 Caves and Cliffs expansion part II

We show you how to find lush caves and what we can get in them in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part II, the new version of update 1.18.

Minecraft is an unrepeatable video game, which in its more than ten years of life has conquered millions of players from PC, mobile and all consoles. And he is still more alive than ever.

The expansion Caves and Cliffs added new biomes and cavernous scenarios, with totally new minerals, animals and other creatures. Of course, we talk about the first part.

And it is already available Caves and Cliffs Parte 2, a update 1.18 which adds tons of new features for the Minecraft expansion. Here you can know some of its changes.

Some things have changed, but the lush caves are still there. What are they? And most importantly, how do you find them? Here we are going to tell you where you can find an exuberant cave and what we will get in them.

Minecraft: how to find lush caves in 1.18 Caves and Cliffs expansion part II

The lush caves they are fascinating places located in the underworld from Minecraft Caves and Cliffs. In the first part it was more difficult to find them, but now that has changed.

Caves and Cliffs part 2 includes more lush caves and biomes, so we won’t have to go around as much to get to them. There we will get new materials, special plants and new creatures.

Basically, they are caves where we find different ecosystems. These are kept intact in the Minecraft underground, with vines, azalea trees, lichens, shiny berries, or dripleaf plants.


And the latter are the most interesting. Minecraft players can make these little Dripleaf plants grow, if we feed them with bone meal.

Of course, in these lush caves we can also find shiny squid and axolotls, two of the most prominent creatures in Caves and Cliffs. Oh, and the glow berries allow you to raise cute little foxes.

Create a world with lush caves


In update 1.18 (and thus Caves and Cliffs 2) no need to generate a specific world to find lush caves.

However, you may still be playing an older version of Minecraft. In that case, you must follow the following steps to spawn a lush cave on your server.

These are the Steps to follow:

  1. Select ” Create a new world ” and access ” More options ”.
  2. Select the option ” World Type ”.
  3. Change the tab from “Default” to “Unique Biome.”
  4. The list of Minecraft ecosystems is in alphabetical order. Look for the option of these caves.
  5. Select ” Lush Caves ”.
  6. Select the “Done” button.
  7. Click and accept the “Create New World” message.

How to find lush caves


Inside the underground world of Minecraft, the lush caves are something like the grasslands on the surface. Their characteristics are: moss, vines, more vegetation than in other areas, or even trees.

The only way to find these caves is to look at it with the naked eye. Keep in mind that in a normal cave you will not find trees or moss, so follow this search pattern.

The most common lush caves are those of forest biome. Still, they are prosperous places and where you can get more things than in other underground areas.

In Caves and Cliffs Part II, the number of lush caves is much greater than in the first part. However, that does not make them stop being fascinating and full of life places.

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Know more

The expansion Caves and Cliffs Parte 2 and the update 1.18 They are now available for Minecraft, on PC, mobile, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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