Minecraft: How to get goat horns and use them as an instrument

Minecraft is a game full of great surprises that will blow your imagination through the roof. You can build, farm resources, customize every corner… and even play musical instruments.

The 1.19 update. for minecraft add a new object with many utilitieswhich can be found in nature or we can force its appearance with a specific method.


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We speak, of course, of the goat’s horn. There are different types and they have different uses., although its function as a musical instrument is the one that has become most fashionable. We can also use them to call other players to our server.

Do you want to have a goat horn? Don’t know how to make them? Don’t worry, because in this guide we teach you How to get goat horn in Minecraft. We are talking about the Java and Bedrock versions.

get goat horn

as you can imagine, a goat’s horn can be used to make sounds. There is no automatic mechanic, so we will have to blow it to call other players or play different melodies.

Indeed, goat horns can be musical instruments, but they can also signal objects in our games. And it is that these objects emit different sounds.

There is a total of 8 types of goat horns. Some of them they are available in chests or in the wild (in mountainous areas)while others can only be obtained if a goat screams.

These are types of goat horns (each one makes a different sound):

  • Reflect
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • To sense
  • Admire
  • Call
  • Yearn
  • Sleep

To get four of these types (admire, call, yearn and dream) we will have to find a goat that screams. There is only a 2% chance of them appearingbecause mostly we will find normal goats.

What does a goat horn sound like? It could be said that sound like the horns of a ship, At least if we talk about the standard ones. There are other variants that emit different sounds.

If you want to get a goat horn, the first thing we recommend is to go to an advanced looting post. Each of them will have a goat’s horn at mostand these are found in mountainous areas especially.

These are the biomes where can we get goat horns:

  • plains
  • Desert
  • Sheet
  • Taiga
  • Tundra nevada
  • Taiga nevada
  • sunflower plains
  • Prado
  • Grove
  • snowy slopes
  • jagged spikes
  • icy spikes
  • stony peaks

Note that the horns that are on the outposts They are normal. To get the four special types you will have to find a goat that screams.

How can we make a goat horn? To date it is impossible, and the only alternative way to get one is to let a goat ram a wall. Yes, it’s that simple.


The problem is that the type of horn that we will find will be random. When a goat rams a wall, it will drop up to two horns to the ground. It is recommended to do this in mountainous biomes (especially in the Cliffs and Caves expansion).

Do all the blocks work to get a goat’s horn? No but most goats are found in biomes that do have these types of blocks. Just wait for it to hit the block (without hitting anything else) and you’ll get the horn.

These are the valid blocks to get goat horns:

  • copper mine
  • Mineral de emerald
  • iron ore
  • Ice
  • Roca

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Now that you know how to get goat horns, you can now communicate with your friends or form music bands in the world of Minecraft. Do not hesitate to do it… and perhaps you will find your calling in the title of Mojang.

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