More would have been possible for Niersia Neersen

FuPa winter check: Niersia Neersen and trainer Sebastian Schinkels are finding each other better and better, now the only thing missing is the corresponding points.

Im FuPa-Wintercheck are the protagonists of the Amateurfußballs am Lower Rhine and Middle Rhine in focus. Sebastian Schinkels has the season Niersia Neersen taken over – but he didn’t know the team. That has now changed, so the trainer reports in detail.


How satisfied are you with the semi-series: Expectations met or not?
Schinkel’s: At the start of the season, I took over a team that was completely unknown to me. After the first units, I was asked about the team’s expectations. If it had the chance, we will be FAR below expectations. But when you see the way and the development of the team, apart from the results and the table position, by which you cannot always measure the success of a coach or a team, I am personally more than satisfied with the first half of the season: we have each other tactically and Developed and changed in a playful way, we constantly work in training to internalize the new tactics and the concept of the coaching team. That takes time and patience, which must and will go beyond one season and I am positive that the results will be much more successful over time, as long as we “stay on the ball”.

Are there any changes in the team?
Schinkel’s: As things stand, nothing will change for us in winter.

How did the long Corona break most affect you?
Schinkel’s: First of all, of course, you have to mention the conditioning part. Few of them went running voluntarily. This was of course noticeable at the start of the preparation. With others, unfortunately for amateur football, it became clear that there are hobbies other than football that were / is no longer interested after such a long break. But then you also noticed, on the positive side, this greed / lust / lust in many, that you can finally do what you love again: train, play, get better.

The 2G rule has been in effect on the sports fields in North Rhine-Westphalia since November. Did this measure hit you hard?
Schinkel’s: In fact, not much has changed for us as all the players and coaches on the team are fully vaccinated and we can therefore access our entire squad.

Who is the promotion favorite in your league – and why?
Schinkel’s: Puuuuuh, difficult to say. I think I was most convinced of the playfulness in the first half of the season at Linner SV and OSV Meerbusch II.

What alternative training formats can you suggest for at home?
Schinkel’s: Run, run, run! As a coach, I’m not a “Félix Magath” and I don’t let the players “bolt” their stamina. As a coach, it is easy to plan a five to ten kilometer run in the forest, but you never “pick up” all the players in the squad equally. It is difficult to build up stamina with a team in the amateur field and to do justice to everyone equally. Therefore, a certain self-discipline should be present, because this is the best way to steer, control and improve the individual strengths and weaknesses for yourself.

What should never be missing in your cabin?
Schinkel’s: I would rather relate the question to the who: Matthias “José” Schilling! Is the team right, regardless of whether he’s been there from the start or starting from the bench, with the right (mostly a horror to my ears) music? Also: Frank Trimborn, our supervisor! He provides the boys with drinks to the best of their conscience, even as desired: calcium, magnesium, vitamins. Before the game there was even chocolate Nicolaus for the squad and the coaching team. In addition, he is a support and relief of the coaching team, approves the constellations and is available with advice and action. On the field he has several functions: He is the linesman, treats injured players, hands out drinks and ticks a “live comment from the game” in the boys’ WhatsApp group during all the tasks! Frank is a real asset in and outside of the cabin … for that, also at this point: thank you Frank!


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