Music artists and their hobbies

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Another list with fun facts about musical artists and their hobbies! Great musicians end up accumulating fortunes that allow them to have the most different hobbies. Some of them, even with a lot of money, have simpler tastes. The real truth is that they are, at heart, people like us and they love having time to themselves and their favorite hobby activities. See below some of the big names in music and their hobbies:

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50 Cent

The rapper, in addition to taking hip hop seriously, also loves boxing, and he even competed professionally. For him, both are competitive and he loves to compete.


Shakira is one of the greatest Colombian artists and besides being an excellent singer and dancer, she has great skill with her hands, and her hobby is making crafts at home. The main material she uses is clay. She mainly makes sculptures.

Rod Stewart

The British singer-songwriter has a hobby of making toy trains as well as railways. He’s such a train fan that when he’s on tour he has a room for himself and another room for his trains. The artist invests millions in this hobby.

video game controls

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Justin Timberlake

Justin is addicted to video games, meaning he loves to spend hours playing. He likes it so much that he even comes up with ideas for new video games, one of which would be called Paparazzi.


The Brazilian singer has a hobby of playing poker. He prefers to play poker at online casinos in Brazil, because that way he can have access to various benefits, and he can also play anywhere and at any time, especially when he’s on tour.

Lady Gaga

One of the most exotic American singers loves watching Sex and The City, her favorite character being Carrie Bradshaw. She is considered one of her greatest fashion and style icons.

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Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is one of the biggest names in English and international music. His favorite hobby is fishing. He is such a fan that he was responsible for catching one of the biggest salmon in Iceland. The singer took 40 minutes to catch a fish weighing 25 kilos and 105 centimeters.

Alicia Keys

The singer has a hobby working with a variety of institutions and charities. She has more than 30 charities and charities to her credit that she has worked and works with. Among them are: Keep A Child Alive, for which she is an ambassador, and Frum Tha Ground Up, which donated scholarships to underprivileged youth.

Jack White

One half of the band The White Stripes has a passion for taxidermy, the technique used to conserve animals. He’s so addicted that even his wife has to control him.

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Katy Perry

The American pop singer has a hobby of crochet. She has said in interviews that she loves the hobby and is the grandmother of her neighborhood. She likes it so much that she is always buying new threads and needles for her creations.

Janet Jackson

Janet had always wanted a hobby, but she could never find one, until she randomly decided to start collecting porcelain pigs. She even had hundreds of pigs as a decoration as people started to present her with them.

Elton John

Elton has two great hobbies: the first is collecting different glasses. He has said in interviews that he has a quarter of a million on glasses. Like Rod Stewart, he also requires a separate room for his glasses. In addition he is also an art collector, having over 7,000 items in his collection.

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