“My hobby was always working with wood”

For four years, José Luis Brandalessi (71) has been making wooden Christmas trees, and despite the time that has elapsed, “it is still something new.” In almost all provinces someone has a “copy” made by their hands. It also sold to Paraguay, Brazil and Mexico. The fact that his work transcends the border is a source of pride for this Cordovan, born in La Falda, who settled in Santa Ana 25 ago, and for his wife, Beatriz Báez, a teacher who is a right hand in this family business.

In reality, it is a single model of a tree that is shaped. One Saturday night they saw it on the Internet, and by Sunday night it was done. “He was working on it all day. And there it arose, but it was in the middle of the year. And it began to be done and it was a disaster because they had to work during the day, at night, because the demand was tremendous “laughed Brandalessi, who considers himself a lover of Misiones.

Such is so “We are selling about 150 large ones and another as many of the smaller ones, per season. We have them one meter, and 50 centimeters. The preference is even, because the boy is for a desk, a business, a table. Now they ask for 15 to 20 centimeters, and we are venturing into another type, so for next year we will have several novelties. Among them, several more elaborate models, to change a bit “.

He argued that they can be painted in the color that the buyer likes and adorned with very few accessories – the star of Bethlehem is incorporated – and a few lights. “There are many who take off the lights and leave him armed throughout the year. It looks naturally, on its own ”, he said.

He said that this year, as a matter of practicality, I hung them, and as they look like a spiral “many visitors have already suggested that it is nice to hang from the balcony and others, they look for them around. So people throw ideas at us and motivate us a lot to innovate. We have to make a medium model, they have asked us for larger ones, two meters, to place them in the parks. One can change the model of the tree, using the same one ”.

He admitted that his hobby was always wood. So after he moved away from gastronomy, which he dedicated himself to for many years, “We started manufacturing lounge chairs, tables, folding chairs, camp beds, and four years ago we started with rotating Christmas trees”. Immediately appeared the proposals of the educational toys “Because they started wearing them for the special kids. Usually, the pros suggest the games to us and we make them. So, we started turning to that and the little trees “.

“We make a mathematical calculating machine; chronos, which is a game with wires and chips that is passed from one side to the other; fitting games, didactic trucks with fitting tokens; pyramids; the traditional hammock; the gyro, which is the round or Chinese hammock; ladders and climbers. Also, download banks, abacus, counters, dominoes, tatetí and the embedded alphabet “, he listed, while he trusted that some models are taken from the Internet, some are requested, and the rest, “Created by us, as is the case of the tatetí for travel.”

He indicated that educational games have been used since last year. “Professionals in the area began to ask for it, and now orders have already appeared from Corrientes. And we have to start preparing for the new school year. Everything is made of wood. Painted with synthetic water-based paint, which is non-toxic. Another thing cannot be used. Everything is based on pine, but we use the wood scraps provided by the sawmills. We don’t do much damage to the environment ”, he clarified.

After many years, “I was able to find the grain,” said the man, who at the back of the house has a workshop with small machines. “Carpentry is my hobby and it took shape little by little. There we work, cut, sand, polish, paint, all day long. This is something that requires a lot of concentration and dedication. It is more than anything, passion. I always say that I live in my workshop, it is my place, where I am happy. It is the place that I found, creating, doing ”.

Unlike the little trees, toys are a peculiarity of every year. But also those who work with ceramics in the area ask Brandalessi for special tools and he makes them for them. “As something unusual, they asked me to carry tacos de villar, and I make some roller wooden curtains, very good to place on the outside, to reduce the entry of the sun’s rays. They are made of kiri wood, so they are light, treated with impregnating agent. With all this, we have to entertain ourselves, thank God ”, announced, who got to know the area in 1969, thanks to a missionary from Leandro N. Alem and“ I loved it ”.

Beatriz, who served as a first grade substitute teacher at both Escuela N ° 285, in Candelaria, and N ° 115, in Loreto, and helps in the creation of educational toys, said that “All the resources that we use at home, I apply them in the degree, and they work.”

He added that the demand is high because educational games are not available in wood. “It’s what they look for the most, what they want the most, for durability, for the issue of touch. In this time of pandemic, it served to put aside the technology that was being used in an excessive way. It’s like a project that encourages us to go back to playing outdoors, in the yard, with the trucks, the hammock. The boys were locked in that world, and they missed the most important thing, which is the game in the open air. That is why we thought about and started making these kinds of toys ”, he stated.