New Bachelor 2022: This is how Dominik Stuckmann ticks – age, job & Co.


December 30, 2021 – 8:15 am Clock

As “The Bachelor” in 2022, Dominik wants to make history

Dominik Stuckmann wants to “write his own story” in 2022 – as a 12th Bachelor at RTL! He is a successful businessman, an ambitious athlete and not only at home in Frankfurt am Main, but also under the Gran Canaria sun. Only one thing is missing for the 29-year-old to be absolutely happy: the right woman at his side. As a Bachelor he wants to find THE one in Mexico from January 2022. We show what the ladies can look forward to in the video above. Dominik introduces himself here.

The new Bachelor in a quick check

As the twelfth Bachelor’s degree, Dominik is looking for the dream woman on TV. It’s going to Mexico in 2022.

  • Name: Dominik Stuckmann
  • Alter: 29
  • Residence: Gran Canaria, Frankfurt am Main
  • Job: IT specialist and entrepreneur
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Hobbies: Table tennis, football, fishing
  • Single since: nine months

Successful career at the age of 29 – but now is the time for love!

Rather withdrawn and with full focus on work – that’s how Dominik lived the last few months. That is why the 29-year-old is eager to finally start his adventure in Mexico: “I expect to have the time of my life and, in the best case, to find the love of my life.”

For the time as a bachelor he already has a suitable motto, with which he has so far also done well professionally: “Just do it, don’t think too much.” Until a few years ago, Dominik played table tennis at a competitive level, attended an elite sports school and studied sports science and management. Because an entrepreneur’s heart has always beat in his chest, he decided to pursue a professional career in business. In addition to his job as an IT specialist, the 29-year-old now advises and invests in start-ups and implements real estate projects. Without discipline, courage and perseverance, he would not have made it this far: “None of that fell into my lap. I went through many nights and a lot suffered as a result.” Love, for example. That should change now!

His dream woman should bring these qualities with her

The 29-year-old finally wants to share his grandfather’s finca in Gran Canaria, where Dominik currently lives, with the right woman. By the way, the character should be similar to him and thus be warm-hearted, optimistic, spontaneous, adventurous, but also determined.

In short: it’s all in the mix! “I’m an absolute relationship person and I would like a woman with whom I can step in front of the altar and celebrate a mega awesome party afterwards,” said Dominik. His partner should also be his best friend at the same time. And hopefully she will be among the candidates who want to get the Bachelor’s degree in Mexico in 2022!

Bachelor Dominik feels at home by the sea: The 29-year-old lives in Gran Canaria, among other places

Bachelor Dominik feels at home by the sea: The 29-year-old lives in Gran Canaria, among other places


In January the time has come: watch “The Bachelor” on RTL and on RTL +

Incidentally, the fact that Dominik Stuckmann will be the new Bachelor is not the only big news that we have to announce. The start date for the twelfth season has already been set: the first Bachelor episode will be on RTL on January 26th from 8:15 p.m. It starts a week earlier on RTL +, on January 19th. There are new bachelor episodes to be seen here a week before they are broadcast on TV. (for)