Pedophile declares himself a woman to enter a female prison and rapes his cellmate | Chronicle

Hobby Bingham was convicted to prison for abusing a minor, but was identified as woman with the name of Andromeda Love to be admitted to a women’s penitentiary in Washington, United States. Already in jail, confined without checks, he sexually attacked his cellmate. Under local law, prisoners who identify as women may be admitted to a prison. female prison.

The level 1 sex offender was registered as transitory in Thurston County, the Thurston Sheriff’s Office reported and published The Chronicle.

Princesa Zoee Marie Andromeda-Love O
Hobby Bingham figure in the
public registry of sex offenders.

As the princesa Zoee Marie Andromeda-Love, Hobbie W. Bingham was registered as a sex offender for a 2003 conviction in Louisiana of “carnal knowledge of a minor “.

According to the sheriff’s office, Andromeda-Love, 35, She was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl and sentenced to six years in prison with four years’ suspension.

After serving his sentence, he got out of jail, cut his hair and went back to using his male name.

“The only requirement is that they declare that they identify as women“, explicó a National Review, Scott Fleming, a former guard at the prison where Bingham was held.

While those who define themselves as transsexuals must present a strong argument to justify their request for confinement in a women’s prison, go rrequirements are minimal, Therefore, it was not corroborated what the man argued to be confined together with female prisoners.

Hobby Bingham was serving his prison sentence for commit the crime of sexual abuse against a minor.

Already held in the women’s prison, He was found unclothed with his cellmate, Heather Lee Ann Trent. As RT explains, the prison system considers all sexual relations as non-consensual, for which it was established that Trent had been raped.

According to the testimony of the former prison guard, the prison service ignored the violation, did not apply expert opinions and did not submit an incident report. “It was very irresponsible for the State to put them together in the same cell “Fleming warned.

“This is just the beginning, as about 150 more prisoners are expected to arrive from men’s prisons across the state.”, he alerted.