Play Murcia Game-Fest 2021 opens its doors to everyone this weekend with activities full of video games and technology

Play Murcia Game-Fest 2021 has already opened its doors for all lovers of video games and technology. We tell you everything you can find in this face-to-face event.

A new presecial and virtual event at the national level has already opened its doors. Play Murcia Game-Fest 2021 It is being held this weekend (from December 10 to 11) with a number of activities scheduled.

The Artillery Barracks hosts this free event to the public organized by the Murcia City Council that presents more than 10 zones dedicated to gaming and up to 30 activities for your visitors.

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This space offers many things to do thanks to its different areas that have been designed for all types of players.

On the one hand we have the Mainstage where you can attend presentations of video games, youtubers shows, exhibitions, conferences, Meet & Greets, tournament finals and mores. And it is that in Play Murcia Game-Fest 2021 several eSports competitions have been organized.

In the eSports Area you can cheer on participants in game tournaments like FIFA 22 or Call of Duty Warzone. But it is not the only specialized area.

Play Murcia

In the 3,500 square meters we find a retro zone with more than 1,500 classic games for lovers of older titles. A whole trip to the past and present, with the VR zone or the DRONE Zone and Robotic LA, an educational space focused on this type of technology.

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To all this is added an area where you can experience professional car driving through Racing Car F1 or Play CONFERENCE with a good number of lectures and presentations informative. And of course, there is no lack of exhibition areas, shops and stands.