Pressure in the inaugural speech

In his inaugural speech, the new president of the Court of Justice, Judge Fabio Cleim, spared no words to say that the Judiciary Branch needs to “replenish the workforce” – read judges and civil servants – so that it can do a good job for the society. He said that there are 72 judicial units without permanent judges, a shortage of civil servants and sent a message: “It is necessary to expand political reasoning to identify the essentiality of the public service provided by the Judiciary.”

The inauguration ceremony took place on the afternoon of this Thursday (16) and was attended by various state authorities. In addition to Clim, judges Dair José Bregunce (vice-president of the TJ-ES), Carlos Simões (general inspector) and Walace Kiffer (vice-inspector) took office.

Clim said that he was part of the Court’s administration “in one of the most acute moments of crisis”, when the Court exceeded the 6% limit, imposed by the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF), with personnel expenses. He said he followed the measures that were taken, the cuts made – such as the ban on overtime pay, the firing of commissioners, the voluntary retirement program – and said that the TJ made its contribution. But, since then, the Court would have no horizons to reverse the labor deficit.

“The fact is that for more than six years we have suffered from the impossibility of replacing our workforce and we live with the uncomfortable and constant feeling of impotence to do so and it is not reasonable for us to continue without horizons and that is why we need to plant the need right away. to reverse this situation and remove the feeling of disenchantment that emotionally affects us”, he said.

Clim said that the Judiciary Branch “needs to walk” as compensation for the actions taken to reduce expenses to adapt to the LRF. “(The actions) are unequivocal demonstrations that the Judiciary Branch has given its share to the management of the crisis caused by the drop in the State’s current net revenue, then detected in 2015. But it is on par with the new reality of Espírito Santo, that because it has been successively administered with a fiscal rigor that places it among the best evaluated nationally, is that the Judiciary Branch needs to move forward, as a counterpart to the efforts to readjust its expenses with personnel within the limits of the Fiscal Responsibility Law. There is no one who is interested in the Judiciary Power continuing with the discomfort it has been living with since mid-2015. We need to build conditions to replace the lost workforce”.

The judge did not mention names, but those who heard the speech identified that it was addressed to Governor Renato Casagrande, the owner of the pen and key to the State’s public coffers, who was on the authorities’ table, to Clim’s right. Just before the start of the inauguration ceremony, the State Budget for 2022, with estimated revenue of R$ 21.3 billion, was approved at the Assembly. Of this cake, the Judiciary Branch’s share is just over R$1 billion (R$1,091,842,237) – a budget that is 8.35% higher than this year’s due to the correction by the IPCA.

Data from the Control Panel of the Court of Auditors show that the TJ is in a much more comfortable situation than the one mentioned (2015) by the new president. In November, personnel expenses totaled R$931 million, representing an expense of 5.07% of Net Current Revenue (RCL). According to the LRF, personnel expenses cannot exceed 6% of RCL.

Ronaldo says goodbye emotional

Credit: TJ-ES

The now former president of the Court of Justice, Ronaldo Gonçalves, said goodbye to his position in an emotional speech. He thanked the other judges, other magistrates, the servants and advisers of the cabinet.

He spoke about the Court’s management during the pandemic and also touched on the issue of the lack of resources to carry out some projects, giving satisfaction to those present. “I did what I could, but the granting of salary readjustments, the increase in aid, the implementation of the 2017 promotion and others, if I failed to serve them, in anything, it was due to legal, fiscal, or budgetary prohibition and never willingly”.

His voice choked when he recalled that yesterday he had completed 41 years as a magistrate, he said he had been faithful to the principles he learned from his parents and the magistracy, acting with “righteousness, commitment, honesty and, above all, impartiality”. “And paraphrasing Gilberto Gil: ‘I’ll walk with faith, faith doesn’t usually fail’”, he said, moved, being interrupted by applause.

Football and artistic vein in the speech

To relax – given the formality of the inauguration ceremony of the new president of the Court of Justice, Judge Fabio Cleim, this Thursday (16) –, the Dean of the Court, Judge Adalto Dias Tristão, gave a speech telling a little of the particularities and hobbies of the new TJ-ES Board of Directors.

Adalto said that the new president plays the guitar. “Very bad, but it rings”. And that the vice president, judge Dair José Bregunce, is an “excellent accordionist”. “But he only plays the accordion when he’s sad, as he’s from Vasco, he’s always playing,” he said, eliciting laughter from the audience.

And do not stop there. About the new Inspector General of the Court of Justice, Carlos Simões, he said that he plays percussion very poorly, that he supports Flamengo, and that he ended his career in the referees’ soccer team. “There seems to have been some prohibition, but it must revert and get a permit.” As for the deputy inspector, Wallace Kiffer, he said that he recovers old cars and makes fishing boats and that he once knocked down a wall to be able to pass a boat with more than eight meters that he had made, with a Fluminense shield.

He also made a point of emphasizing that the Court is “united”: “The Bureau’s vote was unanimous,” he said. And that the analysis of the OAB’s sextuple list for the judge’s vacancy – scheduled for today (17), one day after taking office – would show the good relationship between the Judiciary and the legal profession. Every time he talks about the seat of the fifth constitutional, the president of the OAB, José Carlos Rizk Filho, also makes a point of saying that the seat was not given, but “required” in the CNJ.

Adalto Tristan also quoted two biblical characters from the Old Testament: Joshua, leader of the Hebrews, who entered the Promised Land, and King Solomon, son of David, considered the wisest in the history of Israel, to salute the new command of the TJ-ES .

to close the year

The new president of the TJ-ES, Fabio Cleim, scheduled for this Friday (17) the analysis of the sextuple list formed by the law firm to run for a seat in the Court of Justice, as anticipated by the De Olho no Poder column. The list was delivered yesterday to the judge by the president of the OAB-ES, José Carlos Rizk Filho.

The extraordinary session at the Court is scheduled for 2 pm. The judges will vote and form a triple list, which will be forwarded to Governor Renato Casagrande, who is the one who defines who will occupy the seat of the fifth constitutional in the TJ-ES.

No sign…

Nothing in the possession of the new Board of Directors of the Court of Justice mentioned Operation Shipwreck or the recent case of two judges who were arrested and removed for alleged sale of sentence.

Strong signals…

PH, Erick and Rich
Credit: Instagram

Former governor Paulo Hartung attended the inauguration ceremony of the new president of the Court of Justice and made a point of registering the moment by posting a photo on his social network. And to show that he was not alone.

The publication shows him alongside the president of the Assembly, Erick Musso – who this week was launched a pre-candidate for the state government by his party, the Republicans – and, in the background, the superintendent of the Federal Police of Espírito Santo, Eugênio Ricas – who was his Secretary of Control and Transparency.