Preview of Dragon Ball The Breakers, the first game in the franchise of … survival?

The enormous popularity of Dragon Ball over the years has served to give rise to video games of all kinds, especially fighting and role-playing, but … It’s the first time we’ve seen a dragon ball survival game!

Dragon Ball The Breakers was recently announced and surprised with a proposal that breaks with the style of the successful Dragon Ball FighterZ or Xenoverse 2. In the style of games like Dead by Deaylight, our mission is Get out alive from terrifying Dragon Ball villain attacks… Or become those villains.

It is what you know as asymmetric gameplay: in all games there are two sides and each one of them has different objectives and abilities. On the one hand we have the hunter’s side. There we only have one character: a Dragon Ball villain the likes of Cell or Buu.

On the side of the survivors there are seven characters. But it is not about Z warriors like Goku or Vegeta, but about anonymous people and on foot, without a special force. As the hunter is so tremendously powerful, the survivors’ best option is to flee, although it is also possible to defeat him … Hopefully.

To do this, they have to find a series of keys scattered across the stage. Once they have each one, they have to take it to a specific point to “activate” it. When enough are activated, you can call a time machine to escape. If they can get it up and running … Mission accomplished!

For its part, the hunter’s goal is, logically, to defeat all survivors Before they get away To increase his chances, he can absorb them and evolve, at which point he can also destroy a part of the stage. You can even sabotage the time machine once it appears!

But the survivors are not entirely helpless. Default, have tools like a grappling hook, a smoke bomb, or the ability to disguise himself to fool his pursuer.

While exploring, they can find extra items like a rocket launcher or radars to help search for other survivors or Dragon Balls, that enhance our transformation. And it is that, by completing enough tasks, they obtain the possibility of activating a change.

This allows us, for a few moments, adopt the look and skills of a warrior of the stature of Goku or Piccolo himself, for instance. Thus, we can inflict enough damage to the enemy, defend a companion or flee. And it is that, even being transformed, the hunter will be a very tough rival.

Broadly speaking, these are the normas de Dragon Ball The Breakers, which we also have to fulfill before time runs out. Throughout the weekend, it was possible to participate in a closed beta on PC and now it’s time to give you our feelings after trying it.

Dragon Ball the Breakers

The first big question everyone has asked is: isn’t it going to be disappointing? “shoehorn” Dragon Ball in such a different concept like this? The answer is: it does seem like it at first, especially in the confusing first minutes of play. But later on, the sensations improve.

It must be said that the beta cerrada de The Breakers It has only allowed casual games, only with Cell as the villain and in a single scenario, so we still have a lot to discover, as the final game arrives.

In any case, the game evolves from that perception of “this is a bit meh” to “hey, not bad” as we get through games and become accustomed to its rules and interface.

Yes it is true, and in this there seems to be a consensus among the community that has tried it, that the game is out of balance right now. The hunters (Cell, in this case) are tremendously powerful and it costs a lot to win if you are on the side of the survivors, who drop like flies as soon as Cell confronts them.

That makes the first few games frustrating, but keep in mind that The Breakers puts a lot more emphasis on collaboration than games like Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th. You cannot go free here, it is better to organize yourself so that some distract the enemy while others search or activate objects.

Dragon Ball the Breakers

In addition, if an ally falls, we have a few seconds to find and heal them before they “die”, something that we should do not only out of solidarity, but also out of strategy.

When, after a few “lone wolf” games, we assimilate that collaborative facet, the games become much more interesting and even exciting at times, when we see that ingenuity, well used, can outperform “brute force”.

In addition, as we overcome rounds, we earn money and medals with which to acquire cosmetic improvements, new ways of sending messages to the aliens …

And of course, it is also possible to take the role of some well-known characters. In the early rounds, we’ve already seen several players taking on the role of Oolong, an elusive guy by nature.

Needless to say, of course, that playing as the Hunter is much more fun and satisfying From the beginning. The problem is that, as everyone wants to be, it is difficult for you to play that role in a game, even if you say that the game assigns you that role preferentially.

Still, it’s clear that Dragon Ball The Breakers still needs a good balancing act, but it has plenty of time to pull it off.

Dragon Ball The Breakers

At a technical level, its resemblance to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is more than evident and, in fact, it is considered that belongs to his “same universe”, as a kind of spin-off. In that sense, visually it remains somewhat outdated for the times (Xenoverse 2 is already a whopping 5 years old), both in the graphic detail and in the animations.

Of course, in the PC version that we have tested, everything moves with remarkable fluidity, so at least at the level of “playable comfort” there is nothing to object.

On the whole, these first bars with the beta of Dragon Ball The Breakers has left us a better taste in our mouths than we expected following the trailer. It is a strange case, because it may interest the public not accustomed to Dragon Ball, while the most fans of Goku may grind a bit.

In any case, it is worth keeping an eye on the progression of the game, to see if the experience is polished and to what extent the catalog of scenarios, possibilities and enemies will grow. We can’t think of anything more fearsome than having to flee from Bacterian …