Returnal: Housemarque testet 6 GB-Update

It seems that Housemarque will be releasing a major update for “Returnal” soon. The usually reliable PlayStation patch tracker PlayStation Game Size shows that recently a 6 GB update for the development version of the game was uploaded to Sony’s servers.

The update for “Returnal” is not yet available for the standard player. It is also not known when it will be published. But the size of the patch suggests that new features may be added, including perhaps the long-awaited memory option.

Storage system was criticized

Last May, Housemarque emphasized that there is still no decision on how best to fix the criticized lack of storage options, as the problem is complicated by the different expectations of the players.

“Returnal” does not give players the opportunity to save their progress during the game, since the risk-reward dynamic – in which players are sent back to the beginning of the game with practically none of their items after their death – is a central component of the genre applies.

However, shortly after the release of “Returnal”, the Finnish studio emphasized that they were taking the players’ criticism to heart. Many of them complained about itthat the game sessions can take too long and there is no way to pause and save the game other than to put the PS5 console to sleep.

The Marketing Director Mikael Havari explained in this regardthat Housemarque is thinking about how to solve the problem of saving. “We understand that there are some systems that are currently an obstacle,” he said before adding that the developer’s intention is to put players in a focused hardcore mentality.

More news about Returnal:

“Returnal” was launched on April 30, 2021 exclusively for the PS5. A few updates followed that corrected various issues, including bugs that were affecting the broken scores could result. More news on “Returnal” are summarized in our topic overview.

More news about Returnal.

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