Rickenbach: Doctor with a passion for photography and filming, today the former head doctor celebrates his 85th birthday

The focus of his work has always been on people and their illnesses. Now Dr. Georg Deri will celebrate his 85th birthday today, Tuesday. He was born in Hungary. He then studied medicine in Budapest, where he met his wife, whom he married in 1970. In 1973 he went to Nigeria with his family for a year to work as a doctor, especially with the black population. “That was very instructive,” said Deri.

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In 1974 he moved with his family to Germany, from 1981 until his retirement he worked as chief physician at the former Eggbergklinik, of which he was a co-founder. “I really enjoyed my job, enjoyed going to work,” says Deri. He likes to think back to the good staff there, a “team” with whom he was lucky and who stood by the clinic. He says that the patients came from all over Germany because it was a special clinic. During the holidays, the family was mainly in the Scandinavian region, going on an outdoor vacation. After retiring, he looked after his wife for a few years before she died of an illness.

To this day, Deri has remained true to the hobbies he had as a child: photography and filming. He still remembers his first camera, it was a box camera that couldn’t be adjusted. He had to open his first film camera. He can still drive a car, but only in daylight.

Well informed by daily newspaper

With the SÜDKURIER he always keeps himself up to date. He has been reading this daily newspaper with great enthusiasm for 40 years. Back then it was still in printed form, now online, as it is here that he can enlarge the font. Deri will probably not celebrate his birthday, he is “not the type” for that. Since he has good contact with his two children and four grandchildren, it is possible that they might come by and be Corona-compliant.