Ridley Scott refused to make a magic movie for Disney: “I don’t want to make movies that are just entertainment”

The director of The Last Showdown and The House of Gucci refused to direct a “movie about wizards” for Disney.

Ridley Scott is one of those tireless directors who, at 84 years old, has not stopped working in several decades of career.

Known worldwide for such masterpieces as Blade Runner, Gladiator o Alien, the eighth passenger, the director is still very active.

His latest projects; The Last Duel and The Gucci House arrived in theaters in 2021, although they performed unevenly at the box office.

The last Duel barely reached 30 million dollars at the box office, while The House of Gucci exceeded 120 million, more than amortizing its production budget.

Scott is currently working on his next project, Kitbag, which will narrate the life of Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife, Josephinewho will give life Vanessa Kirby (The Crown).

In his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott has recalled an offer that Disney made him in 2019, when he acquired Fox.

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20th Centuryy Fox It was one of Ridley Scott’s favorite studios when it came to working, and in 2019 it was absorbed by the House of Mouse.

Disney executives offered Scott a movie project about wizards, which the director flatly refused.

The older I get, the more I seek to do things that are about something, not pure entertainment movies, they must have an effect on people.

At Disney they offered me to make a movie about wizards, but I don’t make movies about wizards. It wasn’t a good idea“.

The director did not reveal the Disney project he was offered, or if it is one that was later revealed with another filmmaker.

In any case, the British director is going to be entertained with his Napoleon biopic, and he may have to campaign for the Oscars, as both The Last Showdown and The House of Gucci are up for Academy Award nominations.