Sarah Engels: “If possible, I would like a normal birth”

In a “Would you rather” game on Instagram, her followers confront the singer with several decisions. When her second child is born, she knows exactly what she wants.

Sarah Engels (28) often lets her fans participate in her private life. Whether the first day of school for son Alessio (6), romantic excursions with husband Julian Engels (28) or updates about pregnancy – her followers are always there. So that her fans get to know her even better, she asked them to send in questions for the popular “Would you rather” game.

How cute! In the video above you can find out how much Alessio is looking forward to his sibling.

In her Instagram story, the singer honestly answers the mostly funny choices and explains her decision. But there are also more serious issues, for example the question of how Sarah Engels would like to give birth to her second child: “Do you give birth normally or would you prefer a cesarean section?” Asks a fan.

Sarah Engels: “If possible, I would like a normal birth”

It cannot be long before the daughter of the 28-year-old and soccer player Julian Engels is born. It goes without saying that her fans are also curious about how the young mother would like to give birth. In her Instagram story, Sarah Engels explains that she has already spoken to her husband about this topic. “If possible, I would like to have a normal birth,” she writes.

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There were some complications with the birth of son Alessio

But Sarah Engels does not immediately rule out a caesarean section, because complications arose when her son Alessio was born for the first time. In an emotional video, the father Pietro Lombardi (29) spoke about the nerve-wracking birth. The baby was born with a heart defect and fought for his life. “I didn’t know if Sarah was still alive. I didn’t know if my son would live,” the singer remembers that terrible moment. Sarah Engels does not go into details about the upcoming birth, but the fans ask their “Would you rather” questions so skillfully that you can at least learn a lot about future family planning.

You can see how big Sarah Engels’ baby bump already is in the video below.

It can't be long: she shows her XXL baby bump

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“Never again have children or never the internet again?” – Sarah Engels has a clear answer

A follower asked Sarah Engels the choice: “Never again have children or never again Internet”. The former DSDS participant has a clear answer to this: “Never again Internet”, she replies with a heart emoji. Are you and your husband Julian already planning the next offspring? The mom, who will soon be two, seems to be open to more children in any case.

Sarah Engels -1

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No duet with husband Julian: “Sorry, but your singing voice is really so-so”

When asked whether the singer would rather sing a duet with her son Alessio or her husband Julian, Sarah Engels replied mischievously: “With Alessio! Sorry @julbue, but your singing voice is really so-so!” and adds both laugh and heart smileys.

Sarah Engels

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The soccer player will certainly not hold this swipe against her, after all, the two have other hobbies in common. The young couple also enjoy doing sports together during pregnancy, because exercise is very important to Sarah Engels. As she reveals in the “Would you rather” game, there is no way she could do without a year of exercise and instead would even eat an insect every day (at least if it was the gummy bear variant).

In the video below, Sarah Engels perfectly stages her constantly growing baby bump in tight-fitting sports clothes:

Full of pride: in sportswear, your baby bump is an eye-catcher

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