Scorn for Xbox Series X | S and PC will be released in October 2022

Scorn will be released in October 2022 for Xbox Series X | S and PC. Enjoy the trailer with which this release date has been announced.

Scorn, the atmospheric first-person horror game for Xbox Series X|S y PC reveals its premiere date. It was Ebb Software itself that, with a trailer, announced that will arrive in october 2022.

This survival horror will immerse us in a world full of macabre creatures. Controlling an abandoned soldier, you will have to use your wits to survive in this place.

With an atmosphere that still reminds a lot of the HR Giger creations, Scorn is just as mysterious as ever. We leave you with saying trailer where they announce their release date.

Ebb Software has shown that October, the darkest month, will host the scorn premiere. The game has been waiting for practically since it was first shown to the public.

Although it was announced in 2014, its development is not that it has been the most pleasant. But as they say in these cases, “slowly but surely“So in October 2022 we will live his nightmares.

Just to commemorate that they already have a launch window -almost within a year- they have released the trailer. With all, those who more are waiting to play Scorn you will see little new in the video.

Maybe for this reason Ljubomir Peklar, CEO of Ebb Software, wanted to dedicate a few words to the fans who are waiting for the game.

We are excited to share more news about the game and its release date. Scorn has been a work of passion for the entire studio“began Peklar.

The atmosphere, the journey and the experience, we want every moment within Scorn to have an emotional response and feeling“.

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It is our hope that Scorn remains immersed in the player long after the player has reached its end.“he kept saying.

We are looking forward to continuing to share news, updates and updates with our community once we get closer to the release date.“.

For October 2022 is just under a year away from right now, December 2021. But this premiere could already be seen coming from a listing from its publisher.

Something that two months later was confirmed as reality: Scorn was delayed to 2022. To calm the wait, you can see 13 minutes of Scorn and his gameplay.

Although no part has commented on it, it may be that the coronavirus has returned to do its thing. But little else can be done except wait for Scorn opens in October 2022.