Social media in B2B digital marketing strategy

September 8, 2021

When talking about the use of social networks in digital marketing strategy, retail or B2C, it seems the most obvious path, doesn’t it? Not!

Because it has a more advantageous cost and a high reach, B2B industries and companies began to bet on social networks as one of the pillars of their digital marketing strategy and customer relationship.

In addition, of course, to using it for commercial purposes such as selling products or services. With that in mind, we’ve listed reasons below for you to keep social media in your digital marketing strategy.

Social networks are extremely popular

Social networks have always been popular on the internet, since the extinct Orkut people spend more and more time relating and receiving information and content through them. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to build a relevant presence on social networks.

By working on your company’s image, you will have the opportunity to leverage the reach of your content and the way people receive and interact with it, making it part of users’ daily lives. In this way, you will not only be able to get closer to your customers, but also generate new ones leads .

Social networks help you understand the person behind the lead

Another point that makes social networks powerful tools for marketing digital it’s the interaction you have with your customer base.

When reading your tweets or watching your stories, you get information about your potential customer’s daily life and behavior and are able to answer questions like:

• What products or services are they consuming and why?
• Which hobbies they have?
• What types of publications do they most engage?
• What websites do they visit?

This information has great value for your digital marketing actions. When you understand who the person behind the lead, you will be able to write better and more attractive content, which generates more traffic.

This data can also offer you a help beyond the digital marketing strategy, helping you to identify customer pain points, improve sales conversions, among others.

Ads with immense targeting power

Social networks offer highly targeted ads that can be tailored to your company’s goals.

Facebook ads, for example, offer the advertiser to target customers by very specific data such as age, location, education level, industry and even user behavior, for example, which pages a user liked.

Social networks have changed the way of customer service

Customer response time is no longer relative. If there’s a problem with your product or service, your customers expect you to fix it right away. But few companies are meeting these expectations.

A study carried out by Sprout Social found that customers expect responses from companies present on social networks in a minimum time of four hours, but the average response time is 10 hours.

But did you know that this can directly affect your sales? A study conducted by Twitter (in the United States) showed that customers would pay almost $20 more for airline tickets as long as airlines responded to their tweets with questions within 6 minutes.

Keeping an eye on research

Market research shows a variety of data on strategies that can be applied to your business. Keep an eye on what works, what is worth investing in and how to approach and surprise the public are points that must be considered.

These surveys help you to draw the profile of the consumer and, in a way, indicate which is the best path to follow. Did you see why it’s so important to mark your territory on social media?

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