Souk Restaurant debuts “Winter Festival” with Turkish flavors and live blues – Chefs and Restaurants

For the menu, owner Daniela Azeredo, who combines two of her favorite hobbies at the Souk, gastronomy and travel, brought special flavors such as Menemen (6 euros), one of the mandatory dishes for Turkish breakfast, originated in the region from Izmir, it brings scrambled eggs in an aromatic tomato and pepper sauce, and is served with freshly baked Arabian bread.

There is also the option of the Arab bread basket (3.5 euros), made by hand with homemade fermentation and without additives, a delight that takes us directly to the Middle East. Moving on to street food, the suggestion is the Pides (starting at 7 euros), a kind of pizza that has its origins in Uzbekistan and has a perfect boat format for receiving a variety of fillings. There’s also Sis Tavuk (8 euros), a yogurt-marinated chicken kebab served with a unique artisanal pomegranate and balsamic sauce.

Souk restaurant premieres ????Winter Festival???? with Turkish flavors & live blues


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The festival also has options such as Potato Harrah (4.5 euros), sautéed and served in delicate cubes with aromatic herbs; the Exotic Pumpkin (4.5 euros), with a mild flavor but a firm texture, is slowly roasted with spices. The menu also includes Tomato and Pepper (4.5 euros), which arrive at the table roasted and seasoned with Mediterranean herbs, and Carrot and Red Onion (4.5 euros), made with sumac, a slightly citrus spice used in the Middle Middle Eastern and perfect for salads. To drink, start by ordering a Chocojack (10 euros), an intense hot cocoa with Jack Daniel`s.


Rua Alexandre Herculano, nº 114 A, Cascais (Rua Amarela)

Contacts:: tel. 211 573 528; email [email protected]

To complete the experience, every Friday and Saturday, the Souk receives musician Henrique Lex playing the best of the blues on his guitar. All this with the aroma of spices from candles, terrace heaters and blankets.