Steam Deck will not have exclusives, confirm how local multiplayer will work and more

Steam Deck has confirmed in a developer FAQ that it will not have exclusive games. But also other details on how the local multiplayer will work and more.

Steam Deck, the Valve portable PC announced a few months ago, it is still falling despite its delay. And since this is so, we have more details confirmed like its not exclusive or the operation of local multiplayer.

Through a FAQ for developers they have talked about this and some other things. For example SteamOS 3 does not have an availability date yet, Valve remains focused on Steam Deck and will not rest until your shipments.

It is clear that they want to see the notebook PC in more countries, although their plans are yet to be finalized. “No solid announcement yet to be confirmed, but we are working hard for its availability in Japan and Australia.“.

Valve doesn’t see much point in publishing Exclusive to Steam Deck: “It is a PC and should have games as such“. In addition, he spoke about that background Portal issue:”It’s cool, right?“.

This, he says, was one of the (many) prototypes that went through before reaching the final design. But it will not be on the market, at least not at the same time, they will add other colors in the future and there is nothing to announce now.

We take a look at the users who play the most and have reserved the Steam Deck – and have an interest in the community – and prioritize those developers for dev kits“they say without regard.

Now it is the turn of the other question: will Steam Deck have support for local and / or cooperative multiplayer? “You will definitely be able to play local co-op on the Steam Deck in a number of ways.

Controllers can be paired via Bluetooth or via USB, but also with Remote Pllay Together, where other players are on different Decks or PCs“.

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In terms of APIs, Steam Deck will be compatible with most: XInput, Raw Input, DirectInput y Steam Input. But can the touch screen be used like a mouse or does it have touch APIs?

By default, the touch works like a mouse click in that position. However, also like Roch APIs via ADL or Windows Touch; this configuration can be activated in the options“.

And will Steam Deck specific configurations be created without a dev kit? “Yes, we recommend a PS4 / 5 controller, but with any it will be possible. The PS ones are the closest because they have a built-in gyroscope and touchpad.

If the game plans to make use of specific inputs on the Steam Deck, you will need them; otherwise, anyone will do“On the other hand, they recommend creating games with the use of a mouse without the game as needed, otherwise the panel will be used to use the function.

All this I would not have to give extra latency, but if it is a bug they recommend reporting it. Another question reads: Is the use of Steam Deck as extra command? To which they respond:

Right now, with remote play on another machine it can be used and will recognize the Steam Deck buttons“Still, it seems that Valve wants to give Steam Deck a lot of freedom.

For now, you can see more information about the laptop PC inside and a bit of its performance.