The best caravans for large families

Camping at a campsite is one of the best getaways to do as a family, sharing moments of intimacy and activities that unite even more. Fortunately, firms have specific models for large families, so space will not be a problem.

The caravan tradition is usually inherited from father to son, as part of a legacy that is part of your sweet childhood and you want to repeat it with the next generation. Camping a caravan in a campsite is like having a weekend town, mobile and portable depending on the tastes and the seasons of the year. This lifestyle fits not only with the most adventurous couples, but also with large families.

Hobby has a wide catalog of caravan models


If in your youth you have played on the football courts, tennis courts or in the pool of a campsite, you will know: it is the ideal environment to experiment and grow in contact with other children. Security is one of the great advantages of these facilities, where you end up meeting your neighbor and sharing barbecues or a drink after a hearty meal.

There are as many types of family as there are models of caravans and motorhomes on the market, so the amount of your core will not be a problem. Unless you exceed seven seats.

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Before going through the different options available in firms such as Knaus, Adria or Hobby, among others, you must be an expert on the weights and the maximum towable mass of your vehicle. In this article we talk about the best cars to load with a caravan, which must have enough power, to be able to be front or all-wheel drive and a maximum towable mass of around 2 tons. It is also important to know that the maximum mass of the assembly (MMC) cannot exceed 3,500 kilograms, or we will depend on the towing license.

This is the spacious interior of a caravan from the company Adria AVIVA (Adria Mobil)

This is the spacious interior of the Adria Aviva caravan


As a large family, with five members or more, you should prioritize a model with bunk beds and a distribution according to the presence of more children. There are motorhomes, usually capuchin, with a capacity for six places in circulation and up to eight places to stay overnight, such as the Roller Team Kronos 279M. This is achieved by designing a modular cabin, in which all seats and sofas can be converted into beds.

However, in this article we will focus on caravans for large families. Far from what it might seem, there are many manufacturers that have in their catalog caravans suitable for the overnight stay of a large family nucleus. This type of model is usually around 1,300 to 2,000 kilograms in weight, so we must be aware of the masses that we mentioned earlier.

Caravans for large families

At Knaus we can find models like the 580 QS, 7.91 meters long and up to 6 sleeping places. The layout, with the door on the right, incorporates a single bed. The dining room converts into a double bed and, in the back area, we find a three-story bunk in front of the bathroom. All this without giving up a careful design, mainly in wood, and equipment worthy of a premium brand.

The dining area converts to a double bed and a three-story bunk bed in front of the bathroom

Another high-end firm is Hobby, recognized for the level of finishes and the quality of the design of the set. If you are looking for a caravan that shows the more sophisticated and technological side of your large family, the Premium 650 UKFe will not disappoint you. Usually you will have a double bed at the head and bunk beds in the center, giving up the rear space for a large dining room that can become another double bunk. The intermediate range, called Hobby Excellent, has the 650 UMFe with up to 5 overnight places.

This is the interior of a Hobby caravan, with all kinds of details and finishes (Hobby)

Interior of a Hobby caravan, with all kinds of details and finishes


The manufacturer Adria Mobil also has a wide repertoire of finishes for its caravans: Alpina, Adora, Altea and Aviva (from the most accessible to the most expensive). If you want to get started in the world of camping, you can opt for its Aviva 522 PT, with a much more reasonable price and up to 6 places at night. There is also the 492 LU with five sleeping places. Without reaching an unaffordable cost, we find the Adora 573 PT, identical in distribution to the Aviva but with a higher level of finishes and equipment.

Dethleffs is another of the greats in the sector, with more than 90 years of history. In its portfolio you will find the Aero 470 FSK, 490 QSK and 500 QSK with weights exceeding 1,500 kilograms and lengths of around seven meters. Of course, the logic and reliability of its furniture is unrivaled in the market. They are very practical caravans for a large family and at a good price.