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With its name inspired by Japan’s largest region, the newly opened Kantō Fusion Food debuts in the Lisbon gastronomic scene investing in food that mixes the best of Japanese cuisine with the diversity of Asian cuisine with references from countries like India, Taiwan, Thailand and China , in a perfect fusion and explosion of flavors. The newest space in the Honorato Group, which currently has nine restaurants and promising expansion projects in Spain, was born from the passion of friends for gastronomy, and the bridge between the partners, made by Luiza Wiest Vegini, the Group’s marketing director.

On the one hand, the couple in love with Lisbon since their first visit to the country, Douglas Gonçalves and Bere Wiest – he an architect and urban planner, she an interior designer and plastic artist – it was only a matter of time before they came to live in the Portuguese capital. On the other hand, the partner Honorato, who with 26 years of experience, is a reference in the field of restoration in Portugal, where he started his life in Lisbon as sushiman, but in his first years in Portugal he opened the first sushi restaurant.

At Kantō, the kitchen mixes Japanese classics with the street food on the rise in the old continent and appeals to both carnivores and vegetarians. These, by the way, will be able to delight themselves with recipes such as the Temaki vegetarian (€4.3), with rice, avocado, mango, cucumber and chives; the Kappa Maki (€4.5), traditional hosomaki of cucumber. Also for those looking for alternatives to animal protein, the Edamame soy pods with fleur de sel (€4.75); the warm Misso Shiro (2€) (photo) with leek, seaweed and tofu; and the crispy Spring Roll (3.8€) of vegetables. Among the tempuras, the suggestion is vegetables with an oriental sauce (8.5€) and the Veggie robata (4€), with fresh vegetables grilled on a skewer with homemade sweet and sour sauce. The special combo for vegetarians is Surujhin (€16.5), with 20 different pieces of sushi.

For fans of fresh meat and fish, a suggestion is the Salmon Balls (€3.5) (with four salmon croquettes handcrafted with herbs and an amazing oriental sauce. Katsus with pork meat (€7.5) or salmon (8.5€) breaded and fried, accompanied by Japanese rice, seaweed want and oriental sauce, appear as delicious options among the hot dishes. In the Asian section, the irresistible Picadinho Oriental features beef, rice, vegetables, fried eggs and special sauce (11€). connoisseurs of carpaccio go lover the Sake Kantō (14.5€), in which the salmon arrives at the table braised and served with citrus sauce, one of the favorites of the house.

Carnivores will also love the robatas, a type of Japanese barbecue. The highlight goes to the Mix (€15.5), with succulent pieces of meat, chicken and pork. Directly from Thailand, the menu still features the famous Pad Thai, the classic that comes with noodles, rice, vegetables and egg and can be ordered with meat (€9.20), chicken (€8.7) or prawns (€10.9). To share, the incredible combinations mix different pieces of sashimi, uramakis e gunkans. Among them, the suggestion is the Kantō Special with 80 special units authored by chef, with special pieces (€69,9).

The menu also features a unique selection of items inspired by the street food spot with Bao, or bun, a typical steamed Chinese roll. There are seven flavors that promise to please even the most demanding palates, such as prawn (€5.7), salmon (€5.5), beef (€5.3), pork (€4.8), chicken (€4.7 ), veggie (4.5€) and chocolate with strawberry (5.5€), for those who can’t do without sweets.

The Kantō’s decoration has iron as its main element, which makes it modern and unpretentious. The idea came from the partner and chef Honorato, which has as one of its main hobbies carry out projects with this material. From there, inspiration came for other items that deserve to be highlighted in the space, such as the eye-catching gilded iron wine cellar, a large ceiling lamp and glass shelves throughout the room. The artistic part is due to the feminine image stamped in one of the windows, while plants and ceramic pieces complement the space. Average price: €40 for two people

Estrada da Luz, 161A, Lisbon. Tel.: 218 237 058 / 912 441 443

Daily from 12:00 to 15:30 and from 19:00 to 23:00.

Kanto_Honorato, Luiza Wiest Vegini, Bere Wiest and Douglas Gonçalves