The best series and films of 2021: list of the essentials of the year

The year 2021 is coming to an end and it is time to pay tribute to the best series and films of a year full of quality works thanks to cinemas and digital platforms.

Since I published the first review of 2021, it seems that more than 365 days have passed … Most of them were premieres on digital platforms at a faltering start to the year, in which only a handful of small distributors dared to debut in commercial theaters while the big ones decided to delay their big premieres.

The month of March was a turning point in which the first blockbusters have already begun to arrive and the box office began to cheer up little by little, although without a doubt, the whiplash began in summer. To the point that keeping up with the billboard has seemed like a challenge at the end of the year, with weeks in which there have been waterfalls of up to 15 premieres … Impossible to see everything!

Now things seem to have gotten a bit ugly, but let’s remember that cinemas are safe spaces (especially if you keep the mask on and avoid eating inside the rooms) and there are many films on the bill, both blockbusters and family tapes and intimate proposals that cover all types of audiences.

Our humble advice: Do not stop going to the cinemas! It would be giving up too many worthwhile experiences.

Personal top of the 17 best films of 2021:

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Personal top 17 best series 2021:

Special mention should be made of two series that we have been following episode by episode: Vikings, which offered its final season on TNT at the beginning of the year and The Walking Dead that with the start of season 11 has managed to raise the bar to offer very exciting episodes.

To this we would have to add the special episodes of Euphoria, prior to the premiere of season 2 in this new year.

As I said at the beginning, there is much and very varied and nothing indicates that the bar will be lowered in 2022, a year in which we will also see some highly anticipated projects that have been delayed as Top Gun Maverick, Mission Impossible 7 The The alley of lost souls.

Without further ado, hoping that you find it of interest and as a guide not to miss the essentials of the year 2021, I say goodbye until next year, come on, see you tomorrow! Happy entry into 2022!