The best The Sims 4 mods you can download in 2022

We offer you a list of mods for The Sims 4 that you should start playing with in 2022, because we consider them to be the best so far.

While we are still waiting for the fifth installment of The Sims license to be announced, the truth is that there is still a lot to take advantage of in Go Sims 4 And now we want to start the new year with a selection of the best mods that exist for the game so that you can download them right away.

There are mods for all styles of play, from some that improve the user interface, expand the abilities of the characters, review the emotion system or even with certain nods to different licenses or times.

So we select the ones that we consider to be the Best mods for The Sims 4 in 2022, and also how you can install them because the process is very simple.

The best The Sims 4 mods you can download in 2022

How to install all mods and activate them

The installation process is very simple, we simply have to locate the folder in which the game has been installed.

Once we have located it, we must look for the Mods folder and where we will have to move to it all the files that we download from the different modifications that we are going to offer you.

  • You must bear in mind that if the mod file ends in .package or .ts4script you simply have to move it to the folder.
  • If the file that you have downloaded ends up in Zip, you must extract it by right-clicking the mouse, and move the content to the mods folder.

Once they have been moved they will be installed automatically and you will have to enable them.

To enable them you must select the icon of the three horizontal dots in the main menu or at the top of the screen, then we go to “game options”, and on the left side of the window a tab called “others” should appear .

So you have to select “enable content and custom modifications” and also “script modifications allowed”, and apply the changes. Now you will have to restart the game.

The best mods for The Sims4 in 2022

Expanding the capabilities of mermaids (download)

With this modification, different abilities that can be performed such as diving or consuming seaweed have been expanded, but also sleeping on the surface or in the ocean, or diving to the depths of the ocean with higher levels of physical fitness.

A new control with a multitude of tricks (download)

Los Sims 4 mods

It is a fairly huge mod in which you can vary the behavior of many aspects of the game’s gameplay, and that we invite you to try as long as you know what you are really going to change.

Planning the wedding (download)

It is about expanding the wedding capacity between two Sims, being able to plan the entire process, from the beginning to even signing prenuptial agreements.

Resorts and hotels

Mods Sims 4

Because our Sim They also deserve to indulge in a whim, there is a mod that allows them to take them to dream places in one of the largest mods that exist in terms of content. In addition, they can also perform various activities, such as having fun in swimming pools or enjoying in double beds. You can download it here.

Pets as selectable characters (download)

If you think that pets should be treated the same or better than people, these modifications are for you. Basically what it does is that the dogs and cats are playable characters and each one has its needs as a normal sim.

Become the best cook (download)

It is a modification that practically includes a cooking game within The Sims 4, and where you will have to buy food, prepare each of the recipes and then create all those foods that can be shared.

Meaningful stories (download)

With this modification, the mood and emotion system that is present by default in the game is completely changed, making the Sims feel more human. More useful changes are made to the emotions, making everything more realistic.

Road to Romance (download)

This mod adds the new romance ability, along with a new mood like caring. This will allow these types of romances to be more realistic once you have downloaded the modification.

Sims of different height (download)

When you create your character you can choose the width but not the height, and that takes away from the realism. With this mod you can now change the height of your sims to make them taller or shorter.

Unlimited jobs (download)

If you like to work and you want your sim to profit but without having free time, you can download this modification that basically what it does is that we have the option to choose multiple jobs.

Go Sims 4

In this way, your character will be able to sign up for a multitude of part-time, full-time and independent jobs, balancing the multiple professional paths so that your character knows everything in the future, although you will have to manage the time slots because they are going to overlap.

50 new social interactions (download)

With this modification we totally change the way our characters communicate with each other. For this, more than 50 social interactions are added to the game with different moods that you have never seen, exclusive abilities and a greater narrative context in the relationships of the characters.

Go Sims 4

Living on a boat (download)

If you are tired of living in a normal house, you can always download this mod that will allow you to have a floating house on the water. Inside you can design it as you want while you are browsing, which will surely give you greater peace and tranquility.

Los Sims 4 mods

Living in a classic French village (download)

If you love those classic French movies in dream towns, thanks to this mod you can also live in one with your favorite Sims.

Los Sims 4 mods

A new cheat interface (download)

This mod enables the cheat extension to the user interface allowing you to use various cheats by clicking directly on them. It would save you from having to type the relevant command.

Los Sims 4 mods

Sure there are many more mods that you can install in The Sims 4, but in our opinion these are the ones that we should necessarily have to expand the playable experience.

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