The continuation of Rumbo al infierno will arrive, first, in animation format, and “we’ll see” if there is a second season

Yeon Sang-ho talks about plans for a second season of Rumbo al Inierno, although first they go through expanding the imaginary of the ‘webtoons’ that inspired the series.

On November 19, Rumbo al inferno, the new South Korean series on the platform that has taken advantage of the inertia of the phenomenon of The Squid Game, arrived on Netflix.

The series takes us to an alternate land where three grotesque creatures drag “chosen sinners” to hell in a brutal and unsubtle way.

Heading to Hell also explores the religious connotations that such an event could unleash in society, with fanaticism, cults and conspiracies of all kinds to subjugate society.

The creator of Rumbo al Infierno, Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan), has spoken with Variety about plans for a second season of the series.

Yeon Sang-ho thanked Netflix for supporting his vision for the series, which is inspired by webtoons for a South Korean platform.

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The filmmaker explained that it is early to talk about season 2 of Heading to Hell, and that it is something that they have to talk internally between him and his creative partner, Choi Kyu-sok.

However, during the interview he made it clear that the idea they have is to continue the events seen in Rumbo al inferno through the ‘webtoons’, before deciding whether or not they will be adapted to a live image series.

This “indecision” is nothing new. The creator of The Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, was also initially reluctant to launch into a second season of the series, despite the tremendous success.

However, The Squid Game has already confirmed that it will have a second season, so Rumbo al Hell could do the same in a few weeks.

The series itself lays the groundwork for a second season or some kind of spinoff series, although it all depends, of course, on what Yeon Sang-ho and Choi Kyu-sok decide and what Netflix bets.