The editorial team introduces itself

After a nerve-wracking federal election and an exciting summer podcast with EUROPOLITIX, our editorial team started a colorful, exciting new editorial year in autumn and is already working hard on the upcoming projects. With a new editorial year, new faces come and other editors say goodbye. That is why the new editorial team, headed by Denise Klein and Moritz Hergl, introduces itself here and exclusively reveals which cocktails best reflect our personality.

HeyHej! My name is Denise, I am 25 years old and this fall I took over the co-editorial management. I also oversee the “Youth, Culture and Society” department and am part of the editorial team’s social media team. I also work in a creative office in Berlin, where I also live. In my spare time I am an avid reader, write texts and learn sign language and coding. In terms of EU politics, the rule of law in Europe and the protection of human rights are particularly important to me, and I am actively committed to better protection of FINTA * people. If you were to order me at the bar, I would definitely be a white wine: At first glance, a rather simple drink – but it can be sweet, sour, bitter and fruity!

Hey I’m Moritz, 23 years old and currently live in Berlin. I took over the co-management of this autumn and am responsible for the “European Politics and Integration” department. On the side, I try to polish my political communication skills and take my eyes off the screen and into reality as often as possible. I also try my hand at being a hobby cook and still push the frozen pizza into the oven far too often (yes, exactly the one with goat cheese & spinach). For me, managing the editorial team means, in addition to sleepless nights, one thing above all: the joy of trying things out. Be it editing, managing zoom calls or podcast planning – I like to put my energy into a project that specifically involves young people in the European public. Politically, I am committed to strengthening this, because without cross-border opportunities for dialogue in Europe, we will create a legitimation deficit that weakens our open society. If I were a cocktail, it shouldn’t be missing gin and ginger. The so-called “Gin MOnic” is known to help against hay fever and prevents a sore throat.

II’m Benedikt, 22 years old and currently live in Dublin – I’m actually studying history and political science in Tübingen. My tasks in the editorial team are to look after the “Explanatory Texts” section and to plan podcasts. In my free time I do a lot of sports and music. In terms of EU politics, I am interested in the international role of the EU and the closer rapprochement between the EU member states. I stand for freedom and democracy throughout Europe and stand up for an EU that is open to all and against an isolated fortress Europe. Which drink best describes me? Maybe a Mexican, because sometimes I can be a bit salty, but I am also fiery for something.

My name is Denise and I am 24 years old. I currently live in Berlin and work as a video editor. In the editorial department, I oversee the “Environment, Climate and Energy Policy” department and am responsible for the weekly review. I love reading and I am a professional puzzler! What am I particularly interested in EU politics? My department, of course, so everything to do with the environment. The cocktail that best describes me is a piña colada – simply because everyone should have a catchy tune in their heads when they order me.

I am Claudia and I am 24 years old. At the moment I’m studying Politics and Journalism in my master’s degree and that’s why I’m currently living in Amsterdam. At, I’m in the “Country Focus” section and part of the social media team. I’m passionate about moving – to a new city every year at the moment. I also like to take pictures and ride horses. I believe that the EU as a community can achieve a lot, whether it is about climate change or migration policy. That is why I campaigned for a Europe based on solidarity that not only talks about human rights and democratic values, but also stands up for them. My cocktail would be an Espresso Martini on the Beach because I like espresso and like to be on the beach. It is important that this cocktail is served in an elegant glass with an umbrella.

We actually work remotely from anywhere in Germany, France and the Netherlands – but once a year we meet in person. The editorial meeting took place in Göttingen this October. Photo: private

Hi! I am Kiana and I am 18 years old. At the moment I am doing my voluntary social year in the International Office of the Saarland University. In the editorial team, I am part of the social media team and oversee the “Youth, Culture and Society” department. My hobbies are reading, which is why I like to buy too many books, and procrastinating at a professional level! I am primarily interested in migration policy in the EU and would like more representation and diversity in politics that better reflects the actual diversity of the EU. If I were a drink, it would definitely be a Pumpkin Spice Latte – I love autumn and my favorite color is orange. And through my curiosity and my understanding of others, I like to give you a comforting feeling in your stomach.

I am Lukas and 25 years old. I am studying political science and art history in Frankfurt am Main and work as a student assistant in the Erasmus + coordination of my department. At I am part of the social media team and oversee texts for the “Youth, Culture and Society” section. Besides that, I’m an absolute Formula 1 nerd. I also love visiting art museums and galleries. Otherwise I like to annoy my dog. I am fascinated by how the European Union bundles knowledge, expertise and skills and connects actors. I am committed – for example in the European Youth Forum – for good, diverse and actual youth participation. My cocktail would be “We Race As One” – the F1 slogan for diversity, human rights and sustainability. In order to achieve the characteristic color gradient, everything that tastes good can go in – only mate cannot be missing.

Hey My name is Timon and I am 23 years old. At the moment I’m doing a gap year after my bachelor’s degree and doing a few internships in politics and communication. In the editorial department, I am responsible for the Europa-Impuls newsletter and the “EU policy” section, and in my free time I like to play the guitar. I am particularly interested in EU foreign policy: I would like better coordination between the member states and a bolder common security strategy. The cocktail of my choice would definitely be gin and tonic – because it always works.

Good morning! I’m Nele, 22 years old and I’m in charge of the “Country Focus” department. I am also the co-moderator of our EUROPOLITIX podcast. Outside of the editorial office, I study ethnology, Latin American studies and political science in Hamburg and also work as a freelance author. I love to travel, chatter the ears of the people around me and dance a lot. In terms of EU politics, I am committed to a humane foreign policy and am interested in classicism and its consequences in Europe and the world. If you order me at the bar, an Aperol Spritz would come out of it – always sparkling and brightly colored and best of all on sunny days.

I’m Kathi, 21 years old, and I’m studying Political Science and French at King’s College in London and Sciences Po in Paris, where I currently live. For I am in the social media team and take care of the focus area “Europe and the world”. Otherwise, I like to spend time with friends and family, and I love to travel. In terms of EU politics, I am particularly interested in foreign policy, which is why I have been doing an internship at the ECFR in Berlin since this month. If I were a cocktail, it would definitely be sparkling, like the French 75.

Hello, my name is Frieda! I am 24 years old and am currently doing my master’s degree in Trier. In the editorial department, I am responsible for the “Country Focus” section and am part of the social media team. I am an avid coffee drinker and I really enjoy climbing. In terms of EU politics, I am mainly interested in the common foreign and security policy, because I stand up for the EU as a community of values ​​that also stands above and at its borders for the observance of human rights. My cocktail would be a semi-dry white wine, because conversations with me sometimes only contain up to 12 grams of sugar, but are very refreshing and still sweet.

Hey, my name is Florian and I am 25 years old. I am studying European Governance in Utrecht (Netherlands) and am responsible for the department “European Politics and Integration” and cooperation, most recently for the Euromat, for example. We implemented the Wahl-o-mat with an EU focus together with JEF, Pulse of Europe, Polis180 and the blog “Der (European) Föderalist”. In my free time I like bouldering and I am a board game fanatic. I see the EU as a space that makes it easier to cope with human tasks such as the climate crisis. I am committed to a more social Europe that helps reduce inequalities both within and outside of Europe. If I were a cocktail, it would be a tasty White Russian with a lot of cream – because vodka is simply a good, honest alcohol.

Hello I’m Martin! I am 23 years old, study political science in Berlin and write for a local newspaper. At I am responsible for the departments “Business and Social Affairs” and “Science and Digital”. I like to spend time in the country, sit on my bike or stand on the football field. I believe that the EU project is only possible with a functioning exchange in a European public. I am committed to this – also at I also advocate more European solidarity in all areas and a humane immigration policy. My drink of choice would be red wine – for good conversations and long evenings.

Our editorial team is looking forward to the coming year and the many projects that await us – we are currently working on an exciting topic. We warmly welcome every new author to our team! You can reach us via the “About Us” page on our website or via a message on social media.