the essential oil of each sign in 2022

essential oil of each sign in 2022

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With a new year ahead of us, we have the opportunity to achieve new goals. To add strength to this quest, aromatherapist Solange Lima has listed the essential oil for each sign in 2022, so you can take advantage of the opportunities of 2022.

But before going on to your Sun Sign tips, check yours. Astral Map (which you can make here for free!) and see which is your Ascendant, because it is mainly he who indicates the opportunities that lie ahead.


  • Opportunities: projects and experiences you want to start or that were shelved can work this year, especially if they have a purpose and inspire you.
  • Scent for 2022: a synergy with oil essential of vetiver Cinnamon and geranium always bring movement and inspire you to do what causes procrastination.

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  • Opportunities: its growth in 2022 must be associated with people, so networking, social networks and your contacts in general will be very important.
  • Scent for 2022: a synergy with Sicilian lemon essential oil and patchouly can help with relationships and networking.

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  • Opportunities: this will be an excellent year for professional life, both for those who are not working and can start during this period, and for those who are already employed, who can find a greater purpose.
  • Scent for 2022: Vetiver essential oil brings energy and can bring connection to work and everyday issues.

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  • Opportunities: review your way of relating (family, affective, friends and professional), how you act and react in relationships, look at your values ​​and adjust as necessary.
  • Scent for 2022: Sicilian lemon essential oil brings flexibility to help understand these relationships and clear the mind to understand relationships.

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  • Opportunities: 2022 can be a busy year in the sexual area, but it can also be a year to get a better understanding of what happens in this area of ​​your life.
  • Scent by 2022: to help balance sexuality, the lavender essential oil can help calming and balancing the emotions, excesses in any area are harmful. Cedarwood essential oil can bring centering to connect with yourself and bring more understanding on this topic.

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  • Opportunities: setting limits and starting a new practice in life could be a major change during 2022.
  • Scent for 2022: to help with these issues, rosewood essential oil helps bring permission to do something for you, to look at what’s not right, change, and accept new challenges and opportunities. THE patchouli essential oil it can bring understanding to impose the limits.

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  • Opportunities: the possibilities for expansion and growth will be closely associated with relationships and partnerships, especially if influential people are involved.
  • Scent for 2022: when it comes to relationships and partnerships, we need to be careful when expressing ourselves, not to speak aggressively and know how to communicate, the lemongrass essential oil helps to speak clearly and communicate well.

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  • Opportunities: activities that give pleasure, such as hobbies, romances and sex, and children, both for those who want to get pregnant or adopt or spend more time with them, is favorable in 2022.
  • Scent for 2022: a synergy with citrus oils like sweet orange and mandarin, patchouli and cardamom, which evoke pleasure in every way, can stimulate this period for Scorpio.

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  • Opportunities: moving house (even a country!), renovating your current home and having children are strong possibilities in this new year.
  • Scent for 2022: the oils that help work changes and new projects are cinnamon and geranium can contribute to this happening.

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  • Opportunities: realization of dreams and expansion, mainly in the area of ​​studies, work and in their own spirituality will be super favorable in 2022.
  • Scent for 2022: to focus on study and work I like to Rosemary and lemon, two oils that provide the energy needed for this purpose. For spirituality we have frankincense or sandalwood.

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  • Opportunities: marriage, job promotions or even career changes can come this New Year if you want and allow yourself to.
  • Scent for 2022: Cinnamon scent to encourage change and newness.

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  • Opportunities: possibilities from professionals and studies to travel or anything that brings growth and has a greater purpose can be sown in 2022.
  • Scent for 2022: to help intensify these possibilities, spice oils stimulate to bring that energy, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom are excellent choices combined with a citrus, sweet orange or mandarin, they can help accelerate this growth.

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How to use oils if each sign

The best way to use essential oils is through aromatic necklaces or personal diffusers. See here everything about the Aromatherapy Necklace or Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace, the easiest way to include essential oils in everyday life.

Remembering that some oils have contraindications. Therefore, always follow up with an aromatherapist, who is the professional who can recommend the best oils for your moment in life.

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