The final goodbye arrives: series that end forever in 2022

This week we celebrate the new year preparing to say goodbye to a good handful of great series that will reach their final outcome over the next few months.

First and foremost, happy new year everyone! We have a year ahead of 2022 that promises to be loaded with very interesting news since January. Soon you will be able to read our reviews of Peacemaker, The Discovery of Witches S3, Euphoria S2 The fair, to give a few examples, but we’re going to get a little sentimental before that comes …

The reason? That there will be great series that have marked their corresponding milestones that leave us forever … well, more or less. It is not easy to say goodbye to the audience, especially when we talk about great successes. Which are the series ending in 2022? Here we tell you:

In the case of two, specifically, we will be facing a “yes but no”. The Walking Dead It has two 8-episode installments ahead of it before it ends … but we already know that we will have one or more spin-offs in addition to a later development in theaters of the story arc of Rick’s whereabouts.

The other case that makes us presage a “false closing” is that of Peaky Blinders, which with its sixth season will say goodbye … or almost, because a great outcome is also planned on the big screen.

Be that as it may, surely, the broadcast of the last episodes of both series is going to involve a small television tsunami that will also make us “flee” from social networks to prevent spoilers.

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Due to its quality and distribution, in addition to the implications related to the “mother series” from which it was born, Better Call Saul promises a memorable outcome. Let us also remember that the series has suffered some delays due to the state of health of our beloved Bob Odenkirk who fortunately seems to have already fully recovered from his heart attack (which really struck us all).

But there are also other series, some rescued directly by the fan phenomenon of cancellation and / or oblivion, such as Manifest The The Expanse that will now inevitably reach its end. It remains as a consolation that, at least, it will be a planned one and not an abrupt cut.

And we end our review with Ozark Y Animal Kingdom… what will organized crime have that we like so much?

Anyway, we hope they are all pleasant farewells since they are series that, to a greater or lesser extent, have marked a before and after. It will be difficult for us to say goodbye, but we must recognize that it is better to leave things on time than to stretch them excessively.

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