The friendly queen who laughs even at family wakes

Queen Daisy always gives a show of charisma

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At the moment, there are 44 countries under the monarchic regime. Most have a monarch king or prince. There are only two queens regnant: Elizabeth of England, 95, and Margaret of Denmark, 81. Both are great great greats of the legendary Queen Victoria and distant cousins.

Famous for her unwavering charisma, Daisy has a habit of smiling all the time, especially in public. He doesn’t stop laughing even at funeral ceremonies.

On February 20, 2018, the Danes stopped to watch the funeral of her husband Prince Henrik on TV. As she got out of the car at the entrance to the chapel, Margarida smiled. And he kept his happy expression as he greeted officials.

During the funeral mass present, sitting in front of the coffin, she also laughed a few times. The same happened at other funerals for relatives, including the Queen Mother, Ingrid of Sweden. The sudden and the press do not find it strange. Everyone knows the queen’s relaxed manner, quite different from Elizabeth II’s dour style.

The queen at her husband's funeral: laughter is the best medicine

The queen at her husband’s funeral: laughter is the best medicine

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The monarch is a curious figure. She is 1.82m tall, taller than most top models. A heavy smoker, she is – holy irony! – patron of the Danish Lung Association.

The merry queen has always loved to draw. In the 1970s, she applied to be an illustrator for local editions of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ using the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer. The editors liked her trait so much that they hired her without knowing who she really was.

Margarina also acted as a costume designer. He designed costumes for the Royal Ballet of Denmark and clothes for films and television miniseries in his country. The last challenge was to design the sets for the fantasy film ‘Ehrengard’, a partnership between Danish director Bille August and Netflix. The film does not yet have a release date.

On the throne since 1972, the smiling queen knows how to live interestingly, dividing herself between the duties of the crown and the hobbies that make her happy. “I hope people remember me as someone who did his best,” he once said. His high popularity rating proves that he made the right decisions.

Fun facts: the original name of the Queen of Denmark is Margrethe. Theoretically, it should be called Margareth in Portuguese. By one of those quirks of the language, she became Margarida. The monarch was in Brazil on an official visit only once, in 1999. One of her commitments was to watch the film ‘Central do Brasil’, with Fernanda Montenegro, nominated for an Oscar.