The Game Awards 2021 will have a World Premiere worked for 2.5 years

The Game Awards 2021 will be a very special event full of news and awards. Specifically, it will have a World Premiere that has been in the works for two and a half years.

The Game Awards 2021 It will be held next December, like every year. With its 40-50 game announcements and next gen firsts, one has been in development for two and a half years.

The creator and presenter of the event, Geoff Keighley, has left some clues on your personal Twitter. According to him, he has seen the “final cut” this World Premiere and it feels “very honored“to share it with the world.

A little over a week before it arrives The Game Awards 2021, the event will offer many novelties in the field of games. In addition, it will reveal the winners of GOTY 2021 and many other prizes.

As usual, this nuevo The Game Awards will serve to show “some good surprises“that they have saved. One of these is World Premiere and it has been in process these two and a half years mentioned.

According to his own Keighley through various tweets, affirmed: “I just saw the final cut of the world premiere in #thegameawards that we have been working with a developer for 2.5 years.

It is a true honor that we have been entrusted to share this work with the world“Although this may seem like a long time at first, Keighley said in a later tweet something else on the subject.

Summer 2019 was my last global developer visit. I always had a lot of fun visiting studios and hearing about their projects. I hope to do it again in 2022“.

However,which game / s started its development in 2019 and could it be referencing? One that may come to mind is BioShock 4, although it was said to have been in development since 2017.

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Will it be this or will we see a totally unexpected new game? According to the latest rumors, BioShock 4 would be officially announced with details during the first quarter of 2022.

We will have to wait another week for the start The Game Awards 2021. The event is scheduled for December 9 at 2:00 AM Spanish time.

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