the hobby that saves him in a pandemic

Emilio Velázquez, 54, has been a Sound Engineer for 35 years, but due to pandemic issues, he now makes a living as a dog trainer, something that started as a hobby and is a bit far from his profession.

Emilio practiced dog training even before turning to audio and production.

He has been doing this hobby for a long time, maybe even more than audio and production, and for now it has become his main source of work due to the passion and experience he has.

Together with Rocko, a Belgian Malinois, he was able to draw the attention of dog training fans, showing off his trainer skills and attracting more clients.

The Sound Engineer says that when concerts were canceled due to the pandemic, his source of income had to look elsewhere.

The Covid-19 directly affected his source of work, because since mass concerts were prohibited, which is basically what a Sound Engineer maintains and stop having calls, it forced Emilio to manage to survive during the pandemic.

The main concern he had during the health emergency was not working, not having financial resources, the fear of getting infected and not having the means with which to face the disease and thus impact the family.

The engineer says that his hobby is also known by his children and was his sustenance in the health crisis.

The measures that he implemented to protect himself were to use face masks – despite being in an open place -, the use of disinfectants and check the temperature of the people who come with their pets to training.

Reinvent yourself or die

In the artistic environment there is a phrase that says “renew or die”, which changed to reinvent or die, since many of his co-workers, audio engineers, lighting producers and musicians had to reinvent themselves in a very strong way, they left the scenarios to become florists, landscapers, selling food, delivering food. In Emilio’s case it was something very curious because something that for him was a hobby became the sustenance of his family, since his children also dominate dog training.

His co-workers left the stage to seek other activities to survive.

For Emilio, the Covid-19 is going to happen, “it is something that we are going to overcome”, but it must be taken as a lesson that humanity must learn. How did a problem for the human become a respite for the planet? We are doing something wrong and therefore from now on we can prevent it ”, he reflects.