The new Sega project will be announced on June 3 by Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari

sega is one of the largest companies in the industry, and that will never change. More than two decades have passed since Sega said goodbye to the console market, but they have surprised us with announcements such as the Mega Drive mini or their ”super games”.

With the launch of Sonic Frontiers scheduled for the end of the year (in addition to other projects such as Sonic Origins), the truth is that we really want to see with what Sega surprises us in the future.

The next 3 of June It will be a special day for Sega. The company has confirmed a new stream for that day, which can be followed live from 1:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.


Sonic Origins – Release Date Trailer

Sega has announced it on Japanese official Twitter account. They talk about “a new project” that will be announced on the stream, from the hand of Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari. The event can be followed live on YouTube and Nico Nico.

Myazaki and Okunari are known for their involvement in the Sega retro scene. Examples like the Sega AGES game collection or the Mega Drive Mini make us think of what could be announced on June 3…

There are a few more clues, but the first one is the most obvious. The announcement tweet was accompanied by a chocolate bun in the shape of the Sega Mega Drive controller… what does this mean?

The announcement could be related to Sega’s 16-bit console. However, we’ve already had quite a bit of news about the Mega Drive recently, including the presence of its games on Switch Online.

Another possibility (which takes even more strength) is that Sega announces a cloud gaming platform. Let’s remember that months ago they signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft… and perhaps the retro scene has something to do with it.

Genesis 3, the rare SEGA console in front of its clone. Which one is the real thing?

SEGA Genesis 3 and its clone

It is important to point out that the directors of Sega who will announce this project have experience in the field of eSports. Also, the stream will be broadcast on Nico Nico… could a new eSports-oriented Virtua Fighter be announced?

For now all these theories are nothing more than pure speculation. Of course, it is clear that Sega will announce something important next June 3and of course at Hobby Consoles we will be there to tell about it.