The secrets of Kate Middleton and other women of the British royal family for radiant and healthy skin

The healthy skin of members of the British royal family such as Duchess Kate and Countess Sophie of Wessex is proverbial. The ladies are among the most photographed people in the world, and they always have to ensure a flawless complexion. dr Anna Hemming was an Aesthetic Doctor and General Practitioner at Buckingham Palace between 2008 and 2014. Now she shared the royal beauty secrets that every woman could benefit from.

Firm and healthy skin the royal way

As mentioned above, it’s no coincidence that members of the royal family have glowing complexions. They understand the importance of having a clean appearance reflected in healthy skin, says Hemming. Most practices for a well-groomed complexion are actually cheaper than you think. The dermatologist reveals that a healthy and balanced lifestyle plays a key role in maintaining flawless skin. For example, first and foremost, none of the leading royal ladies smoke. Nicotine has a negative effect on the skin’s appearance, affects fine lines and causes wrinkles and skin aging after a certain age. Drinking plenty of water and limiting caffeine also play a key role. In addition, the Duchesses know how to maintain necessary hydration levels. Healthy skin needs water to stay hydrated. Accordingly, the body must benefit from eight glasses of water per day. The coffee has a diuretic effect and dries out the skin. Therefore, the body should replace the excreted fluid and moisturize the skin cells.

the duchess of cambridge kate middleton's skin was firm and healthy by following beauty tips

The royal family is also involved in various sports, and their members’ hobbies range from tennis to horseback riding. According to Hemming, this contributes to a flawless complexion. By exercising regularly, but not excessively, the body works and functions better. If people can exercise in the fresh air, it’s even better because it fills the lungs with clean air and, as a result, oxidizes and tightens the skin. According to the doctor, healthy sleeping habits are just as important for the complexion. Adequate sleep is also crucial for skin health. During sleep, cells in the body wake up to repair damage and recharge. Sleeping in thus helps the skin to recover and regain its vitality. Of course, healthy skin also includes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.