The worst of 2021 in video games for the writing of Hobby Consolas

The worst games of the year and some unfortunate events in the sector are reviewed in this summary with what we liked the least of 2021.

We continue with our review of the highlights of the year. If we told you yesterday what was the best video game of 2021, this time we have to review the worst thing that this year has given in consolation matters.

In the video below we will tell you what the worst video games of 2021, in addition to other unfortunate events, such as those controversies around abuse or crunch in game development.

In the video you have the opinion of Alberto Lloret, David Martínez, Álvaro Alonso, Javier Escribano, David Rodríguez, Rafael Aznar and a server, on these and other aspects.

Of course, one of the Most recent disappointments of 2021 It has been the launch of GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition, which has turned out to be quite little “definitive”, as a result of its multiple failures and its technical section that can be improved.

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But we have also had other games that have stayed at half gas, such as Balan Wonderworld or eFootball 2022, which have given for the occasional unflattering meme.

In our review of worst of the yearWe cannot forget the delays due to the fact that the coronavirus crisis has tightened again, which has affected video games (there we have God of War Ragnarok, for example), but also the launch of the occasional console. You will have to arm yourself with patience in that sense, there is no other choice.

Once again, it’s time to finish with that nagativity environment of some users, who try to put their console pro above others at the cost of attacking other people. Luckily, there are fewer and fewer or we have simply learned to pass from them.

What has it been for you worst of 2021? Leave it in the comments below to “purge” all the bad vibes before the Christmas gatherings arrive, which then with the anisette everything is distorted.