These are the 10 best films of 2021 for the writing of Hobby Consolas

We ended 2021 by reviewing the best of the year at a cinematographic level in the Top 10 of the best films of 2021 made by the writing of Hobby Consolas.

We are approaching the end of 2021, a year that has not been short on misfortunes compared to 2020 but which, fortunately for many, has been able to do something more bearable through movie theaters, being able to escape for a while enjoying all cinematographic news that have been coming out in these months.

This has been notably appreciated, not only for bringing many of the films that were delayed by the Coronavirus, but also for having been able to enjoy on the big screen of large blockbusters that have undoubtedly become our favorites of the year.

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This is how we have reflected it in our traditional annual list reviewing our favorite films of this 2021, having in it titles such as Free Guy, The Suicide Squad or Spider-Man: No Way Home, whose box office success has made it the most successful film right now. Sony’s box office.

Through the personal opinion of the members of the Hobby Consolas entertainment staff, we have created what is ours for us. Top 10 best movies of 2021. You can take a look at the list through the following video.

As the variety is the taste, we invite you in the comments to tell us what the best films you have seen throughout 2021 have been for you.

We also remind you that you can now vote for your favorite movies, series and games in the Hobby Awards 2022. Among all the participants who vote for best of 2021 We will raffle 500 euros of credit to spend on Game. Take advantage, participating does not cost anything!

To finish, we leave you here the most anticipated of 2022 in cinema and series for the writing of Hobby Consolas, recalling some of the most outstanding titles that will arrive throughout the next year (if they do not suffer any delay, of course). Have a happy start and a happy new year for you all!