These lockdown hobbies will get you through the next few weeks

Puzzle is something from March 2020! Here you can read about the activities that will bring the food editorial staff and maybe you will soon get through the current lockdown.

In the first lockdown it felt like everyone was building puzzles. We ourselves also have to plead guilty, after all, this article was written back then. But at some point even 10,000 parts are no longer a real challenge, so a new favorite activity must be found. This is exactly why we have tips from the food editorial team here.

Resin Art – Are You Resin?

Why did I stop puzzling? Partly because it wasn’t at all satisfactory in the end. You spend hours working on a work of art … and then? When it’s done, it comes back in the box. As if nothing had ever happened. Or you hang the puzzle on the wall as a picture, but that’s not my style. That’s why I switched to chain threading in the second lockdown. After all, in the summer I had enough opportunity to then display my little works of art – necklaces, bracelets, rings. But you will soon grow out of this phase as well. Or you lose the thread. Haha. So what does the modern lockdown woman do today when puzzles, pearls and other lockdown hobbies are unsatisfactory? Resin-Art, of course!

Resin, also known as epoxy resin, is perfect for all DIY fans. With the synthetic resin you can not only make key rings and bookmarks, but also decorations, pens, you name it! This is what it looks like:

Whether glitter, gold, dried flowers or sugar sprinkles – in the course of my career as a resin artist, which lasted several weeks, I have learned that there is nothing that you cannot “resinate”. Do you still have hair from your deceased cat in the bedside table? Resin it! Do you still have seashells and a sandy beach from your last vacation? Resin it! Even gummy bears cut a really good figure in synthetic resin. And now guess what my family and friends will get inside for Christmas this year in view of the closed shops …

Claudia — @Thatsmeonline

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

I was happy to receive my new delivery last week. My new pearl shipment. To be precise: The pearls for my new Christmas collection. While Claudia has outgrown the hobby, I am fully absorbed in it right now. Because as the saying goes: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And for the lockdown, my glitter pearls are my best friends. The motto of my Christmas collection is (you have probably already guessed it): The more the merrier. In other words, a lot of shimmering and shiny pearls have arrived. Just right for the Christmas season. What I love about the hobby: Firstly, that I have created something beautiful in a short time and, secondly, that I give my friends and family so much joy with it. And of course that there are no limits to creativity. Everything is possible.

I also like to let my friends put together the bracelets or necklaces themselves. This is how you create something unique and when do you have the opportunity to get a one-off? To get back to my Christmas collection: A few days ago I started with gold and silver:

But that’s just the beginning, because there’s so much more to where that comes from. A lot more colors, a lot more charms, a lot more glitter and a lot more creativity. So I hope that next to all the worries there will be a lot more joy under the Christmas tree this year.

Julia – @ ju_zoetsch28

Dogfluencen – walking & producing

Of course, I’m not a dog fluencer. ‘Cause guess what. I’m not a dog ?! Joking aside. The best thing to do for lockdown is that Walking the dog. He has to go too, luckily he is quite active and doesn’t give up. That means, regardless of the weather outside – rain, sun or snow, minus or plus degrees. The dog wants to get out! Then you just go for a walk. Mainly in nature, of course.

And since filming is not just my hobby, the camera is taken everywhere. Clearly. Would you like a taste?

Michael – samitz.michael

Keep it simple: watch cooking & trash TV

Yes what can I say … My colleagues: when it comes to lockdown hobbies, they are obviously different from me. I didn’t look for any new hobbies, I just intensified the old ones. It is what it is. But I’m happy that I finally have more time to pursue my hobbies so intensely! Because let’s be honest: who has the urge or time to cook every day at normal times? So not me. But now, in lockdown number 4, I can finally confidently think about what I want to cook every day, in order to then stand at the stove with my friends in the evening to conjure up fine delicacies.

In addition to cooking and eating, my second favorite hobby is finally no longer neglected: that Trash-TV-look. In the weeks before the lockdown, my TVnow subscription was as criminally neglected as the gym subscription of many others. But whatever: Honey, I’m back! Currently I’m trapped in “Bachelor in Paradise“And watch delighted Serkan, Denise, Karina, and what their names are, while flirting and making out in Andalusia. And because there is only one episode online every week, in the meantime I’ll also watch the second season “Tiger King“On Netflix. Splendid!

Hannah – @hannahmarietheres

They see me scrollin: Check out apartment advertisements

I wouldn’t officially call it my new lockdown hobby yet, but the potential for it is definitely there! My boyfriend and I have only recently started looking for an apartment, but I’m already obsessed with it on willing to scroll through apartment advertisements. I mean: Just the tingling sensation when you open the app full of expectations and slowly work your way through the new advertisements (after all, you could come across the absolute dream apartment any minute!). The adrenaline when you scroll through the photos – even the price and location are right – and you start to imagine which IKEA decorative items you would definitely need for your new apartment 😉. The disillusionment when the real estate agent speaks of horrific commissions without blinking an eyelid. And then the hope that flares up again when you open the app the next morning with renewed confidence. Usually soap operas deliver such an emotional rollercoaster!

Alternatively, you can of course scroll through all the other categories at willhaben. Especially in the Category “To give away” are there a few delicacies 😉

Claire – @claire_clara

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