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Agnes Deschl guided many holidaymakers through Neustadt ad Donau for over 15 years. Now she is retiring.

29. November 2021
12:39 pm

Thomas Memmel, 1st Mayor of Neustadt ad Donau (left) and Astrid Rundler, Tourism Manager Bad Gögging (right), thanked the tour guide Agnes Deschl for her longstanding commitment. Photo: Zitzelsberger

Neustadt a.d. Do.For over 15 years, Agnes Deschl was a well-known face as a city guide in Neustadt an der Donau. Now they said goodbye to Mayor Thomas Memmel and Tourism Manager Astrid Rundler in their “retirement”. Mayor Thomas Memmel praised Ms. Deschl’s long-term commitment and thanked her from the bottom of his heart for having “done the best publicity for our hometown over the past many years with her tireless efforts”. “I really enjoyed bringing our Wittelsbach town and its exciting history closer to the guests,” says Deschl. “The visit to the meeting room of the town hall was always a special highlight for the guests.”

The tours were mainly used by holiday guests from Bad Gögging, according to a press release from Tourist Information Bad Gögging to the MZ. Unfortunately, few people from Neustadt have joined the tours, Deschl regrets. But once they were there on a tour, the enthusiasm was great. “There were always nice guests and I was able to learn a lot from the many special encounters,” enthuses Deschl. For example, the tour of a group of American musicians was unforgettable for them. But she also remembers the participants of a Dutch caravan club very well. The years of inner city renovation were a special situation, which did not always make the guided tours in Neustadt easy. At her own request, Ms. Deschl stopped working as a city guide. Her schedule is now full of all her other hobbies. And she still works in the library in the Kurhaus for the city of Neustadt an der Donau. Agnes Englerth, who not only does the city tours in Neustadt, but who has long been known as a tour guide in Bad Gögging, Abensberg and also in the Roman fort Einig, has already taken over.

The range of guided tours has been greatly expanded by the Bad Gögging Tourist Information Office in recent years. In addition to the city tour in Neustadt, there are guided hikes and bike tours, tours in the Roman Museum for spa and bathing in the St. Andreas Church, tours in the Abusina castle, herb hikes, walks to train the eyes and much more. Special highlights in the tour program are the adventure tours with a drama in Bad Gögging with sulfur steam and spa concert and in the Abusina castle with Roman, radish and riot, as well as the accompanied pilgrims on the pilgrimage route Via Nova. The last Neustadt tour this year will take place on December 2nd at 3:30 p.m. Dates or information on the individual tours can be obtained from the Bad Gögging Tourist Information on telephone number (0 94 45) 9 57 50 or The tours can also be booked separately for families, groups and clubs.

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