Trailer of Spiderhead, the new Netflix movie starring Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett

Chris Hemsworth He has taken a liking to appearing in Netflix movies. The actor who brings Thor to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starred in 2020 Tyler Rake, the frenetic action film whose sequel is on the way.

However, before we meet the trusty mercenary again, Hemsworth will become a visionary of inmate reentry into Spiderhead.

The Netflix movie directed by Joseph Kosinski has released a new trailer that makes it clear that its combination of genres is going to be its main course. Let’s take a look.


Trailer of Spiderhead, the new thriller by Chris Hemsworth for Netflix

Spiderhead is about two inmates who are transferred to a remote facility where a visionary experiments with various substances and drugs to alter the inmates’ emotions.

The thing seems to be developing well, but there is always something that goes wrong, right? The Spiderhead trailer gives a glimpse of the mayhem that will engulf the facility when things spiral out of control for Chris Hemsworth’s character.

Miles Teller collaborates with Kosinski again after Top Gun: Maverick, the film that will hit theaters next Thursday, May 26. His co-star, Jurnee Smollettit will very possibly sound like Lovecraft Territory or True Blood.

Spiderhead will hit the Netflix catalog on June 17, 2022in time to be part of the summer season premieres (although summer hasn’t really started yet).

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Joseph Kosinski’s film has a script by Rhett Reese y Paul Wernick which is based on a story of George Saunders.

Netflix continues to bet on movies with high-profile stars, such as Don’t Look Up or The Adam Project. The platform announced a herd of summer releases that included nearly 40 feature films over the next few months.

What do you think of the Spiderhead trailer? Will you give the movie co-starring Chris Hemsworth a chance when it hits Netflix?