UFC promise, Amanda Ribas keeps training and enjoys hobbies in quarantine

Painting, cooking and dancing. Walk the dogs or do physical activity. Stay with the family, study and play ‘stop’. This can be reminiscent of the daily lives of many people who face quarantine, a preventive measure to contain the proliferation of the global coronavirus pandemic. However, it is also the new routine of one of the UFC’s Brazilian promises: Amanda Ribas. The straw-weight (52 kg) from Minas Gerais, who is secluded with her family in Varginha (MG), her hometown, constantly invents an activity to do and makes the best use of her time during this period.

While most people complain about boredom in quarantine, Amanda doesn’t, as she makes a point of not standing still. For this reason, even for a simple interview with the Ag. Fight report, the girl from Minas Gerais had to reconcile the conversation with her new artistic expressions, training and activities with her family or, via the internet, with friends. Under the same roof as her trainer and father, she mixes fighting practices with hobbies.

“I’m training what I can, physical training, trimmer, punching bag. The good thing is that, as the gym belongs to my family, I can go there too. As I’m the only one (there), I open the windows, open everything, put alcohol in my hand, alcohol in the appliances, it’s easy for me”, he explained.

Unlike other fighters, who demonstrate more difficulty in exercising and maintaining optimal physical conditioning, Amanda has some advantages. With the trainer at home and with an entire gym at her disposal, the girl from Minas Gerais follows her training routine and practices between two and three times a day, in addition to studying more about fighting.

“What’s been more difficult (in the quarantine) is actually being without the sparring (laughs)”, revealed the fighter about the training done in pairs. “I’ve even seen a meme on Instagram and it’s true: ‘Fighter wants to fight’”.

“The best thing is that I’m able to stay close to my family. In my life, I spend more time at the gym than at home. So, I’m managing to enjoy this time with my mom, my sister and my dogs. Even with my father because before we were just ‘training, training, training’ and now we can talk about more things and (have) more free time like that”.

In quarantine, Amanda proved to be more than she presents in the octagons. To occupy herself, she cooks, studies English and paints – her new “work of art”, which she proudly showed on her Instagram. As she cannot leave the house, the athlete also arranged to call “the jiu-jitsu girls” to play ‘stop’ and pass the time.

“I love to eat, but I’ve never been good at cooking. If you ask me all about ‘Masterchef’, I know, but I’m not good at cooking. Now, in this quarantine, I’m doing it, can you believe it?”, said the athlete, listing all the foods she’s already cooked. “And the painting, my sister told me to do it the other day. I’m enjoying it, it relaxes my head a lot, I think it helps with concentration too, it helps a lot”.

The straw-weight also takes Physical Education at a distance and, therefore, studies and does her work like any other young person. It’s still about a year before her graduation, but Amanda said she has a bigger goal in her life.

“My college is EAD, but we have face-to-face exams and sometimes we have to do work in groups too”, he said, revealing that the next work of “rhythm class”, which would previously be in groups, would be done with his mother and your sister. “I intend to graduate, I love teaching, I like teaching, but my main objective is to be a UFC champion”.

At 26, the athlete remains undefeated in Ultimate, with three wins since her debut in June 2019. Her last triumph was on the 14th of that month, at UFC Brasília, when she defeated Iraqi Randa Markos by unanimous decision of the judges. This was the last event held by the UFC and it happened, for the first time in the organization, without the presence of the public.

There is no confirmed next fight for the fighter, especially after the cancellation of three Ultimate events, due to the measures and preventions adopted against the new global pandemic, but the Minas Gerais woman is still preparing for the next time in the octagons. Amanda was still hopeful with the end of quarantine next week and, consequently, with her normal return to activities.

However, the COVID-19 scenario does not seem to be all that positive. According to the latest report by the Ministry of Health, there are already 1891 people infected with the coronavirus and 34 dead in Brazil. In the world, based on data from the WHO (World Health Organization), there are more than 332,000 infected.