Ultramarathons. The B side of the businessman Luís Rato

Running and walking and breaking records. This is basically what the businessman Luís Rato does in the 24 hours that the day gives him, whether in business or on his B side: the ultramarathons. “I practically train every day, about 10 to 12 kilometers. Now I really want to start training more to be in shape and get back to the ultra marathon distance, where I feel comfortable.”

The ultra-distance (all races that exceed 42 195 meters of the marathon) are nothing new for the businessman He has already run the 101 kilometers of Ronda, in Spain, in ten hours (no, it is not easy at all). And an ultramarathon where he ran 180 kilometers in Spain as well. He also runs the Melides ultramarathons, 43 kilometers running on the sand – which is even more difficult. And a ninth place in the orienteering racing world championship. And these are just a few examples of record after record of an amateur runner who takes challenges very seriously. But it is not just in sports hobbies that Luís Rato, 50, tries to reach difficult goals. One of its companies transforms vans into luxury vehicles for transporting competition horses. It is one of the largest suppliers of its kind in the world with cars spread across the four corners of the planet that depart from the factory in Cartaxo. “This year alone we are going to transform a hundred cars in total”. Luís is also one of the mentors of street food in Portugal, a business that he says will continue to grow.

“The pandemic has helped to make people more craving for street food and pop-up stores.” It also has two micrologistics projects with cargo bikes. A case to say that you cannot stand still, whether on business or on distances. Very long by the way.

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