Video game adaptations coming to film and television in 2022

This week we have started to do our math and we get a list of video game adaptations for film and television premiere in 2022 very juicy: pay attention!

The gaming public will have many reasons to rejoice this year that is about to begin since there will be many video game adaptations that will reach the movies and television in the coming months.

As a special additive, we have the feeling that many of them will be well-finished projects in which the necessary time and money have been invested to finally break the “curse of vidoejueguiles adaptations“Here we explain everything to come:

As you can see there are titles like Sonic 2 that are endorsed by a first film, Sonic, which in itself liked the public very much so it will be rare for them to miss the mark with this long-awaited sequel that promises to have a lot of nods to its target audience by introducing new characters.

In other cases we are witnessing very meticulous production processes to maintain a very high degree of fidelity to the original material, even though the casting has been somewhat controversial: this is the case of The Last of Us… we will have faith in HBO and in the quality of the works it releases, although we already know that the series based on the game will take its licenses.

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Although there are imminent premiere projects, shortly after starting 2022 as Halo The UnchartedWe have also collected the late fruits that will arrive at the end of the year.

Such is the case of Super Mario Bros. The Movie, a film that has come with quite a controversy as a result of the vocal cast led by Chris Pratt but, to be honest, it would have to be very bad not to improve the previous cinematographic experience.

In short, there are many interesting titles and surely more will be added to the calendar. video game adaptations in the next few months.

There is a lot of great material to choose from, so we look forward to scrolling through the screens! Merry Christmas!