Video games are NOT bad for children (but you have to use them well)

The use of mobile phones and video games by children is the subject of analysis. What do we think about minors having access to them?

Practically since the birth of video games, they have been accompanied by controversy, mainly at the hands of people who do not know them or who perceive them as some kind of threat.

Over the years, at Hobby Consolas we have assisted many complaints that video games are bad for those who use them, with different degrees of “bile” in the text. The last case that has raised some controversy has been an article published in El País on January 9.

The article mainly addresses the children’s relationship with mobile phones, but it also dedicates a lot of space to talk specifically about video games.

Although around the end of the article it is made clear that at the end everything revolves around being responsible and regulating our times and behaviorsIt is true that the text has caused some discomfort in the gaming community. Therefore, in the video above we want to give you our opinion.

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Specifically, that of David Martínez and a server. We both know video games and we are both parents, so …What is the relationship we establish between our children and video games? Are they really bad if the child is too young or are there nuances based on the age, content and time of that?

In this videoblog (which you can see above) we reflect on these aspects, but also on how the relationship between childhood and technology has changed compared to when we were children (back in the Pleistocene), which can also be an added complication for parents.

What do you think, are you parents or not? Is there an age when children should not have access to video games yet? Can a child tackle any video game? How do video games help the education of children?

Leave your perspective (from the calm and tranquility, of course) so that together we can discuss an issue that, for better or for worse, always ends up on the table: the correct use of video games.